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Friday, August 19, 2016

FRIDAY #2797

One Of My Very Own…



What could possibly be so sad...


British high jumper

Got conflicting info on that one:
- The jump stood. The lady raised her flag too soon, making the jump legal.
- I'm not sure the jump stood but that it didn't count as a failed attempt so he got a re-jump. He said he didn't want to win on a technicality.
- He has to step off the mat.

Swedish King and Queen at the Olympics: Before

Swedish King and Queen at the Olympics: After

She won gold at the Olympics but she's not sure if that's enough for the supreme leader to keep her alive.

Sadly, that could be true. Maybe so the athletes don't tell the truth about the number of medal NK won, they just kill them.

By the way, while writing this part of blog, Serbia women's volleyball just beat the USA. Great work noble Serbs.

Did you catch any of this?

It was a hoot.
Another bike race had like 50 participants to start, then every two laps whoever was last got eliminated. They kept up with it with a chip in the handle bars.

2 black girls, a Puerto Rican , a Jew and a Texan walk into the Olympics...

Changing the subject completely, there was this viral image today.

The Syrian kid is 5 years old in has never known peace. He was pulled out of the rubble. Stoic little guy.
And what will you and I do? Not. One. Damn. Thing.

How much do I spend on a bottle of wine? About 20 minutes.


There are educated people today who believe creationism is scientific; vaccines are poison; microwave ovens and cell phones cause cancer.
Then there's this bitch...

Today anyone can navigate the information Nile right out of the nether land with the simple touchpad in their possession 24/7. The total of human knowledge at their fingertips.

It's called a Sandfall.

I'm not absolutely sure how that works. Anybody?


Said to be Fire Ants make floating "ant island" to survive Louisiana flood.

Cajun Navy in Action

Thanks, guys...

I read that this animal's stride actually extends the diaphragm to increase oxygen intake.

This is very similar to the device at a St. Patrick's day.

A lady set up a table and was selling a device just like this only it was two sections. It did amazing things to a dollar bill in the demonstrations. Amid the oohing and aahing I asked, "How much for just the dollar?" She asked, "Huh?" So I repeated my request before everyone laughed.
A good time was had by all.

Da Shuhua is a 300-year-old tradition practiced during the lantern festival in Nuanquan town, Hebei province.

Hot molten iron hitting a cold surface gives amazing sparks much like fireworks. This art of molten Iron Throwing has recently been adopted in America as a performance art and homage to the culture of iron casters around the world.

You see an amazing feat of nature...

...I want to see them embedded in a sidewalk.




"..Unlike conventional solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity that must be stored in heavy batteries, the new device essentially does the work of plants, converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into fuel, solving two crucial problems at once. A solar farm of such "artificial leaves" could remove significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and produce energy-dense fuel efficiently."
More here...
"..The material is silicene, the thinnest possible form of silicon, comprised of a two-dimensional layer of silicon crystals.

Electrons move ultrafast in silicene, reducing the energy required to drive electronic devices and paving the way for even smaller, flexible, transparent and low-energy-cost electronics."
More here:


Do you know those things have brakes to keep that from happening....when they work.

That's one cool sumbitch.

People just like you and me...

Can you be happy and sad simultaneously? She said that the deep throat she just gave you was the easiest she's ever given.

Story time...

In the late '60s I was dating a German girl with hair just like that. We were sitting up on a hill in my convertible starting at the stars, leisurely smoking. Then I put my arm around her, pulled her close and kissed her. Then I removed my arm to give her time to make a decision. I took a drag on my cigarette and....the whole glowing tip was...GONE. I looked at her and the back of that hairdo was billowing SMOKE.
Quick! What would you do?
Well, I swiveled in my seat, placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her in for another kiss...this one much more passionate; all the while pounding on the rapidly growing smoldering taking place inside that hair-spray saturated coif. It worked, but I was exhausted. Then she asked, "Do you smell something burning?" and I said, "My care overheats sometimes."
Home fucking free!
As an embarrassing side note, she was the nooner in the one time in my life I had sex with three beautiful women in one day; one after midnight, the nooner, and the date that night.
Thus is the power of owning a convertible.


I'll let this speak for itself.

Kid's so proud that he squeezes his dick the whole time.

The lottery gives you a 1 in 200 million chance of not going to work tomorrow. Tequila gives you a 1 in 3 chance. Just sayin'.

Meanwhile in Russia...

A while back I posted this image and asked for help identifying what the hell was going on.

Well my friend, Reon, sent me a link, and apparently there are people into "baby slave fetish."
Don't judge.

If you don't get this, then you don't know your bible...

Kind of interesting.

If you are on fire, my advice would be to get off fire.

Flood in Ireland.

Those Irish aren't fucking around with the sealing capabilities of their doors.



(Just like when I worked at the ice cream shop shop.)

Come again?

Here's the article; I suggest you browse it.


The Associated Press filed Freedom of Information requests with the US government to find the evidence behind the Surgeon General's admonition to floss regularly for dental health and found that there was no good evidentiary basis for flossing. 
That is not proof that it isn't effective, only that they haven't proven it.

And finally

- I bet his hindsight is 20/20.
- He's really seen some shit.
- Booty is in the eyes of the beholder.
(but it's fake, but does that really matter anymore?)

This is what the salt water ocean looks like right before it freezes...or so I'm told...

You can sense each pup's personality by this one marvelous clip...

As a parent and teacher I am attuned to such clues.


Edinburgh's Tony "Lasermad" Adams is kickstarting a levitating Nixie clock -- featuring vintage Soviet deadstock Nixie tubes -- that draws power wirelessly from its base, as it hovers magically in midair on a cushion of mysterious magnetism, displaying the time and date.

Spoiler doubles as car cover...

Plot twist: I knock on Jehovah's Witnesses doors. "I'd like to talk to you about modern science."


I am so thankful this loaded. Its rather long be well worth it...

I sure hope you hadn't seen that before.

"Wanna pop a Xanax in the Civic and kayak with mom and dad at noon?"
"Can't. Scared."
"Of the water?"
"No. Palindromes."


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