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Monday, June 25, 2018

MONDAY #3468

One Of My Very Own
I can do better than that...
I wonder how many beers I had had when I wrote those two.



Three of the six teams eliminated so far are from the Americas, but Colombia is coming on strong.

Germany wins against Sweden

Note clock...last minute of stoppage time.
That was a thing 
of beauty.

Swiss fans threw Shaqiri a wheel of cheese after his winning goal.

My bar opens at 11am, but they are going to let me in every day next week at 10 due to there being two simultaneous games and I need more than one TV. I plan to take donuts for the whole crew.



What could possibly go wrong?


A royal wedding worth getting excited about.


Oh, hell, let's look at that again.





Let's play Ask The Internet











When my wife comes home and sees I left the chicken still in the freezer.



If you cared about Ghostbusters enough to get mad about an all-female cast, you cared too much about Ghostbusters.



The practice this must have taken...


Wood Powered Tiger Tanks? They're Not As Weird As You Think
Can be used and have been used for trucks and cars, also.


June 10, 1942, Adolf Hitler ordered the destruction of a small village in the Czech Republic (at the time Czechoslovakia.) He ordered this attack in response to the Czech's famous assassination attempt of Reinhard Heydrich. The Czech rebels managed to mortally wound Heydrich and later he would succumb to his wounds. In his rage Hitler ordered the total annihilation of Lidice, claiming it was home to the rebels who killed Heydrich.

A memorial to the children of Lidice. Each statue is the exact image of an actual victim.



Let's not forget that the Russians are still attacking Ukraine.


A multi-million dollar mistake.



So expensive that they only built 32.



Do you ever get bored on the internet, so you grab your phone to see what the other smaller internet is up to?



Guy parked in the crosswalk.





Full speed, high impact scissoring




Guy stops to help goose family across the highway...





Turning a resin bowl





I hate how every time I try to make a protein shake I end up with a margarita.



That's true.



I will never tire of devices like this.


Do you realize how good you have to be to create gags that are eternal.




That is true.


Remember, this guy visited some very bad places also. He saw more beggars and such than we ever will. Had to be depressing.


Did you know that squirrels will examine a peanut and if the shell is cracked he will eat it, but if whole, he will bury it?



My "Not involved in human trafficking" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt.




Gravity is not your friend.
And he didn't even look for the security camera before attempting that.





A brush with the law.







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