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Saturday, October 20, 2018


One Of My Very Own

Looked like a mountain lion to me.

Now, this is the way to buy somebody a beer!


That's not destroyed. That's the most valuable set of strips of paper we've seen since the bandages on King Tut.

I know you have already seen the news on that, but I want to discuss its present worth. It was worth 1.3M as a piece of art. Now it is the evidence of a drama world astounding event. I predict it is now worth 10X its selling price.
And let me add, the man is a fucking genius.

How’s Your Day Going? - Isaac Cordal's miniatures have taken a turn toward the dark side.

Marking off the days it is allowed to exist...
I'm impressed.


Mobstr, London
How unusual.

My sister puts enough sugar in her iced tea to cause cane futures to spike.



The versatile Willys Jeep.
I never knew they could be configured this way.

This one has special rims to keep them from sinking into the snow.

I watched a documentary about how Willys got the contract, and one of the requirements was that it had a maximum weight. Willys' prototype was overweight, but at the end of the demonstration they brought out a weight-lifter to pick up the rear-end, thus convincing the generals that it was light enough.

I would have thought there were far more made that this.

A device that erases print.
Why would anybody want that? Couldn't you more easily just edit and reprint?

Wouldn't you like to see the pump responsible for that?

I told you about this before, but here it is in action.

Punching bag designed to evade punches.

This is mesmerizing...
Now forget about the boats, look at the cars on the causeway. Where the fuck are they going? Should I assume there is an underwater tunnel?
[verification needed]

This is a wall paneled in what looks like pallet wood.

But with a remote control he can open a hidden door.

How long do you think Bruce Wayne's dick is? Seriously. I'm asking for a friend.




RH: Shit like that is why so many people are leaving the church in droves. Not the Man/Boy butt fucking, but the way the church is dealing with it.

Who the fuck cares if some lonely guy sticks his pecker in a rubber doll?

I'm getting really tired of smug bastards telling me what my species should and should not do.


I talk to young men every day about many things, even women, and I am pleased to report that they all respect women...maybe even more than I did at their age. That's a good thing.

It seems to me that some people LIKE being miserable.

And these miserable people think that they should solve all their problems with medication.
How did this happen to us?

I have had sex in the woods a dozen or so times.
And I can still remember each and every one of them especially the one that involved a can of chocolate syrup.

 "Are you a secret shopper? You have to admit it if I ask. It's the law."
"That's only for undercover cops."
"That sounds like something a secret shopper would say."




Oh, dear.

Reminds me of the time I joined a nudist group and participated in the 5k speed walking event.


Top this for weird, I dare you...

To observe someone’s true savage nature, you must observe them eat crab legs at an all you can eat buffet.






I know you have all seen this by now, but this is too cute not to include.

Girl, 8, and her 1,500-year-old Viking sword.
Rivers are a treasure trove of ancient weapons. I'm thinking about the thousands that were lost fording the river, plus sword welding horsemen who are shot dead with a bow. Plus there is the situation when you are cleaning up the battlefield and you have more of the enemies weapons than you can carry - no need to leave them available for later warriors so you throw them in the river.










And a whole bunch of people finds nothing at all weird about that.






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