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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


One Of My Very Own



A posed image to elicit emotion...

Another manipulated image to elicit emotions...

Up on the roof, Scarlett Hooft Graafland
I call that trying just a little too hard.

How many things can be wrong with one photo?
A weird ball, she's not even close the foul line, shoes, clown face paint, hair, and only one ogler.

I was hoping the blood was some colored rubber and you could slide the whole thing over the tip of your finger.

Let's take another look at Specimens, by Michael Mapes
God, I love that.


In most US states this would be forbidden. Politicians would use arguments like "What would I tell my children?", well, how about "That's what your mother used to look like without any panties"?


Winged Victory of Samothrace returned to the Louvre.

That comment juxtaposed with that total bullshit.

When I unsubscribe from an e-mail list, and they have one of those annoying surveys asking for a reason why I unsubscribed, I click "Other" and write "I used to make sweet love to your CEO and these e-mails are a painful reminder of our time together."




The expert tactician.


Test for getting a bicycle license?

Think of all the tens of thousands of things had to go right just to get this photo.

These last two feature things are good for some, bad for others...


When the doctor says it won't hurt, it will hurt. When he says it will hurt a little, it will hurt a lot. The only time he isn't lying is when he says it will hurt.




In a hotel bar, I once found myself seated next to a forest management official who was returning from a fact-finding mission. He explained that the federal government sold timber rights to federal land so that the lumber companies will build roads...roads used to facilitate forest fire control.
The problem arose when instead of building expensive roads, lumber companies began lifting the logs out by helicopter. Afterward, the rules were changed.


Soccer player scores own goal after kicking the ball into his own face.



Bought some of that edible cookie dough.  Gotta say it’s just not as good without the hint of a salmonella threat.



"How could I be fat? I only had one sandwich for lunch."

Said to be the largest Great White ever recorded - (23-Foot).

If they don't call their group 'The Lemmings', then they missed a great opportunity.

This is the site I use to convert MPEG-4s to GIFs. I wonder how many people want to spend 24 doing anything.

True enough.

"Oh my god, you did you check his pulse, didn't you?"
"No, I thought you did."

My daughter teaches a class of 250 or so and doesn't give a shit who films the whole thing. Never understood why some people think there is only a limited number of ways to learn. If learning is the goal, then open it up to any and all variants.

His shoes/her shoes. Comfort and long wear/extreme discomfort that will be out of style in a matter of weeks.
Women, you have some explaining to do.

What a wonderful thought.


The first blackout everyone helped each other, then they had time to think about the possibilities and the next time all hell broke loose.

How do these people keep their sanity?
But don't they look happy?

This is what the American Football Fan looks like up close.



How could he not be streaming blood?



[verification needed]







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