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Saturday, August 18, 2018


One Of My Very Own


Fuck those bastards.

Seriously, 300 in one area?!?! How many must there be worldwide?

Question: I wonder what percentages of priests were molested as children and then just assumed they deserved the same privilege?

Remember this from the other day?
Well, I got an email about it.

Good evening, Ralph!
The fallen comrade is a bagpiper. They walked into the battles ahead of the troops armed with just the bagpipes! Bloody insanity (literally)!!!
Keep up the good work!!!

You knew that from his shoes?!
Bloody observant that one!

I've been to quite a few Highland Games in my time! I keep asking the lads what's under their kilts, but they're remarkably a shy lot!!!


Well, Carole, I am good friends with a woman who has a world's record in a highland event. Her husband competes also and I can attest to the fact that all the athletes wear athletic supports to keep their junk from rattling around.
I don't know about the pipers but I'll peek next time I see one.

Thank you, Louisiana, you made my day.

By the way, if any of you foreign viewers would like to contribute, you can send $2 worth of your own currency. That would be kind of cool actually.


Back in the 50s, my mother had frames like that but hers had different color plastic clips on where those shown are tan.

Students of an American Indian Boarding School meant to "Keep the man, but kill the savage."

Young Angela Merkel on the campaign trail.

Pope watching the moon landing.


Being an adult is having the "We have food at home" talk with yourself.



I actually think that women could give a fuck where they eat, it is just a matter of demonstrating their manipulative power over their man. I mean that.

When The Edibles Kick In...

Dear Ad Agencies, If you insult me with ads like this, I will never buy your products. Ever.






Why didn't she A) See that coming, B) Just stand up or back up?


The time Jake Gyllenhaal bottomed with no lube and an ass full of beans in Brokeback Mountain.

The opposite of Alec Baldwin...

Is Alec Hairloss.

I'm starving and all I have is a refrigerator full of health food. I hate who my wife was four days ago.



First, a damning observation:

I have written often about how many people a miserable for at least 40 hours a week.

I would not doubt equipping workers with this:

Researchers in Japan report an experiment in which healthy participants were able to extend their capabilities by using a noninvasive BMI to control a human-like robotic arm and achieve multitasking.

Goalie Training
Doing what you love is important, I guess, but the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against your success. 

Same thing for these guys:
Meet the Astronauts Assigned to SpaceX’s First Mission
The job probably rates very high on satisfaction, esteem, salary, etc, but only 1 in 1000 applicants make it.

I have had two jobs my whole life and one of them I was my own boss.
I strongly recommend it.

This is my definition of misery:
Life is too short, Gentle Reader.

But unless you are going to become a hunter/gatherer, you need a way to make money.

There are things you can do to further your career.
And I will tell you 90% of the men I know would lick a little pussy for an additional $5 grand a year. It is, after all, just business.

Work smarter not harder!
I found that most exceptional!

And don't do anything stupid.
And if you do something stupid, find somebody to blame.

90% of my web searches are me Googling words to make sure they azurely mean what I think they mean.



That bike wasn't designed for that kind of riding.


Mom protecting baby bunnies from a snake

A prison or just a real bad neighborhood?

This guy killed himself at age 32.
Couldn't buy his way out of that with internet points, I guess.


When you get in bed at night do you ever feel good that you didn't kill anyone all day?



That pathetic bastard.

I thinking it's a lake.


This is way too deep for me:



Learn something new everyday.

What is that at the very top of the wall by the chimney?




I believe that with all my heart.






It was reported to me that there are problems with highlighting the answer, therefore I have moved it to the very bottom without the white font.



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