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Monday, September 28, 2020

MONDAY #4296

One Of My Very Own



A clever man can make a game out of anything. 

They went on to make "The Terror of Tiny Town", a western with only little people.  

ZZ Stop
Once during our travels, a young man stopped us for road work and I said, "I want your job." He pealed off his vest and threw it in my driver's window then tried to shove the flag in. 
Then we all laughed.

 Kids today!

They have the look.  

All things Ralph...
I didn't know that.  

The Arctic 105 years ago vs today!
My most trusted advisor and I agree that after watching how Americans responded to the pandemic we don't stand a prayer of effectively dealing with global warming. We have both just about given up.  

I almost took a stained glass class in college.

You have to try to do this badly...

Native American woman war chief Pretty Nose (c. 1851-1952) who participated in the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876. Photographed in 1879. She lived to see her Marine grandson return from the Korean War. 

They used dozens of those to close up my hip replacement wound. What an amazing procedure. 

That article was written by GPT-3, OpenAI’s language generator. GPT-3 is a cutting edge language model that uses machine learning to produce human-like text. It takes in a prompt and attempts to complete it. 

This stunning image is from HMS Sphinx, a paddle-wheel warship, taken on 12 October 1907.

As part of continuing anti-slavery work on the East Coast of Africa, disrupting the Arabian slave trade between East Africa and the Middle East, the Royal Navy had become known as a place of refuge for slaves. In a 15 October 1907 report Commander Litchfield of HMS Sphinx wrote that "six fugitives" came aboard whilst the ship was on a cruise off the Batineh Coast between 10 and 14 October. The first three came off a canoe at 2245 on 10 October. They were men aged 17, 20, and 22. Two complained of being badly treated and the third had been fairly well looked after and had only escaped when he was threatened with being sold. Off the coast of "Khadara village" (unsure which modern village, if any, this relates to), two of the men came in off a canoe at 12:00 on 12 October and then a further one the next day at 05:00. The master of one slave had kept him in manacles for three years. The enslaved man had escaped with his leg-irons still on. Commander Litchfield had these removed by the ship's carpenter, which is the image above.
The escapees were given clothes by the sailors of HMS Sphinx and posed for a still existent group photo. Consequently, it appears that a party of Royal Marines was sent ashore and arrested some slave traders, as there is also a picture of a single man in custody.
The pictures were donated to a Portsmouth (UK) museum by Samuel Chidwick, son of Joseph Chidwick, who took them.
Further details gleaned from a Naval General Service (Persian Gulf) medal citation to an R Mason, also serving aboard HMS Sphinx:

I just throw mine over my shoulder. 

Dough Rounder
As amazing as that is, that's not what drew my attention.
This warning puzzled me.
How would it know? It's a machine! 

I learned the name of my neighbor’s dog today. In other news, I now have free wifi.




California wildfires melted a glass headlight.

On the brink of the abyss
They don't seem to be in enough of a hurry. 

Wouldn't you think they would want to turn the front of the truck toward the wind? 

Official California State Bird

I marvel at the engineering required.

The distorted faces and primal noises made during a woman's labor do not even touch a man’s performance when he’s in the throes of a toe cramp.





Now he's just showing off.  

I think it was staged, otherwise, why was it being filmed?  

I think those are small red potatoes. 

That one guy has seen everything and has no fucks left to give. Period.

That looks like a woman who wants to get pregnant and knows it's the right time of the month and her temperature is perfect and she's done fucking around. 


[verification needed]

 I repeatedly use air quotes while giving wedding toasts.



A real drama queen when hungry.  


Look closely...

David and Goliath


Printer Error



Apparently, this happens quite often. 






 Dark Ages Romance


 Out cold!




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