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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This instrument sprays your own stem cells on your burns.

Speaking of skin...

Okay, pay attention...
These guys made a little model plane and let it fly...
And it flew into space taking photos like the one below. 
 Then it parachuted back to earth.
 And it was made of.........straws....
Are you listening, NASA?

I love clever clocks. The entire face rotates using gravity to keep the ball at the correct time, then at 12 it enters the hole, rolls down and starts all over again.

IBM computer plays Jeopardy.
The word is that it could greatly reduce the effectiveness and lessen the cost of health care.
The secret is that it understands the nuances of speech.
Very important that.
I'm pulling for the computer.

I don't think so...
What is that?...... the Mengele bike?

I watched a TV show about that last slice to be installed. It seems that the sun heated one half of the arch more than the other, causing it to expand, and it wouldn't fit.  While the guys were standing on the very top trying to figure out how to get it to fit....

Think about that, gentle reader.
She's strapped down, spinning at god knows how fast and SWISH the baby goes flying.
Who catches it?


I can't wait.
Just another mouth to feed on our overcrowded planet.

Lot shapes and sizes rearranged....I liked it...
As I understand it...and I may be wrong...Berlin's roads are so weird because they had to be rebuilt after the destruction from the outside in...Berlin WWII, Atanta the Civil War.
Paris' are so fucked up because they are fucking frogs...too much wine I think.

Oh, and the Amazon river is drying up...
Have a nice day....
Oh, and there's this...

Speaking of weather...

And this natural sunlit cloud formation would have scared the holy shit out of me.
Image...you are taking a nap in your porch hammock, you wake up and this is what you see.  You shit yourself, right?.....RIGHT?

And now an update from a previous post.
You remember this guy?  Read on.

Iraqi-born Wafaa Bilal had surgery last week to remove one of three posts holding the camera in place as it posed a risk of infection.
The camera had been taking a photo every minute as part of a year-long project.
Bilal says he hopes he will be able to reattach the camera.
After doctors refused his initial request to have the camera inserted into his head last year, the artist had the procedure done at a body-piercing studio in Los Angeles.
The camera was mounted on three posts attached to a titanium base inserted between Bilal's skin and skull.
The set-up had been causing him pain despite treatment with antibiotics and steroids.

(IRAQI BORN?!?!?! Wouldn't you think those fuckers have enough to worry about?!?!?)

Speaking of mutilation...
One of my very own...


I'm sorry, darlin', but if you show me that, I'm telling everybody I know...
and probably some strangers.

I have no idea what that spells, but in my younger years I would have loved a closer inspection.

If I may beg for forgiveness. I have always been a very poor speller and now my spellcheck is underlining EVERY FUCKING WORD I TYPE.
Please forgive my errors.

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Anonymous said...

That plane story is wrong. They sent the plane up with a helium balloon, it didn't 'parachute back to earth', it floated up 90,000 ft via balloon, then FLEW back to earth.
Very cool either way, but the devil's in the details. Google is your friend.


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