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Monday, March 21, 2011


I have studied human stupidity all my life. This first image is from the year 1900 as a prediction of what it would be like in a hundred years. But they were not stupid...just mistaken. There is a big difference.

There is nothing wrong with selling black baby dolls.
There is nothing wrong with selling stuffed monkeys.
But if you are in the "selling toys to black children business", you are stupid not to know that the juxtaposition of the two is insulting...at least to the parents.

There was a lecture on Ted.com (highly recommended) about stupidity. There were several international rationalizations for stupidity. The image below is an example of "It's not my job." The painters were ordered to paint the image at each end of the block and that there is a tree making bikes impossible....is not their job.

I submit two more "It's not my job" rationales...

But...BUT...somebody WAS getting paid on the set to make sure that mistakes like this did not happen.

This is an example of "Double checking is just a waste of time".


I don't really think this is a mistake...if it sells.
Hell, I would sell dog turds if I thought I could make money.

The people who buy products like this are the stupid ones.

I can forgive this guy. He probably got it as a gag gift and/or wore it on a dare.

Speaking of Chapstick....
This stupid motherfucker can't be excused....Jeeeeeeez!
And what is that ball thing at the bottom?

If you live on this planet there are certain facts that you are supposed to master.
 If you can't identify the Eiffel Tower....well, you are stupid.

Did you notice that the happiest man in the movie Christmas Vacation was also the stupidest? Maybe it's true what they say about bliss.

Do you see anything wrong with this photograph? The stupid one is not the person who shot the image, but the people who think that lady is actually painting the other lady.
 You see, the painter is on the wrong side to paint that picture.

I felt stupid just the other day. I found this on line and it stated that most kindergarten students can answer this...but I can't .  Any ideas?

As a wouldbe writer, I am stunned by the stupid books that get published. Although I kind of would like to buy one of these just to have it sitting on my coffee table.

There are now cautions like these on every product....yes, we are that stupid.

I wonder if this sign had said "You Must Go Beyond This Point" if they would have had better luck?

Interesting this....
 So who is the most stupid? The man's answer is dead on logic. I suggest the stupid one is the guy who misworded his question.

Stupidity in politics is nothing new, but this gal's supporters is at the top of my list.
 Daughter has premarital sex and gets pregnant (things that EVERY conservative condemns) and she is revered. 
Quit your job as governor that you were entrusted with by the voters (something conservatives would roast a liberal for) and it's okay.
Pose for pin-ups, sound like an idiot, spend a small fortune on fashion, etc.....Oh, ain't she cute.
TRUE: Friday a NBC poll indicated that most likely voters when asked who they would prefer as president, Charlie Sheen or Sarah Palin, picked Sheen 41 to 36%

Take organized religion....please....
My nephew brought up an interesting point. He was discussing dinosaurs with a religious idiot who thought people and dinosaurs lived at the same time. My nephew wanted to know why, if god ordered him to put two of every animal on the ark, did Noah not put two of each kind of dinosaur? I would further add, if he had, there would be no room for anything else.

I personally think that you can believe in magic or you can believe in science....you can't believe in both.

And please don't tell me that the bible is about spiritual stuff and is not supposed to be taken literally. The book itself states that every word of it is true. And as jurors are told, if you know a witness lied on one thing (think Mark Furman in OJ trial), then you can assume he lied on everything else.

Look, If you got to church every Sunday, you have to admit, you hang out with some real idiots. 

Even I was shocked by this next video. I would like you to watch it, then ask yourself....Is this child sane? 
(it's not very long)
...and what sadistic bastards did that to her brain...her parents?
Plus, it's Lenten Season...not Lentil Season...you fucking idiot!

"Oh, heck, Ralph, what did religion ever do to you?"

Well, Mr. Thanks For Asking Guy, here are some (but not all) of the things where religion and I have some real problems...

 No gay marriage, Yes first cousin marriage.
Gay = no problems. Cousins = Fucking retarded children.

Religious people would not think that this image is really funny. I find it fucking hilarious. (the tallest guy in white on the right looks like somebody I know....I swear!)

But then again, this following shit had religious rationalization.

And so did this.

One of my very own...
 I selected the 'One of my very own' above just to show you that no matter how stupid something is, there will always be someone to laugh at it.

Why do I think this woman is stupid? I think she doesn't even know that one day her son and daughter will find all these photos of her.....and so will their friends.

And lastly...
I went to a gun show at the fair grounds today (Sunday). I was looking for a .22 revolver to teach some people how to aim and shoot, and .22 shells costs about 5 cents a piece and the .357 mags about $1 a piece. And if you can aim and hit something with a .22, you can certainly aim and hit something with the big guns. Anyway, I found a used gun I wanted and paided the man. He thanked me and said goodbye. I said, Don't you have a bag to put it in? He said, What do you need a bag for? I said, Do you mean to tell me I can just walk out the door and to my car carrying a pistol? He said, Of course you can. I said, I would rather have a bag.
He looked around and I ended up taking my pistol home in a grease-stained Hardee's bag. I just thought that funny. But the real reason I posted this was to tell you that I didn't have to fill out any forms. I paid cash (which is my habit) and now no one knows I own that pistol.
Also, I was in this big ass building ogling M16's and shit for two hours and didn't see one black person.  Odd that.

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