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Saturday, July 28, 2012


I couldn't find the games....
For two days I that it was some sort of weird porn parody.

I was disappointed that everyone in the crowd was taking pictures with their Iphones as were all the athletes. Doesn't anybody just experience anything anymore?

Since it's in England they have added some new games....

The queen was not amused...Here is what I assumed she was thinking...

(she never changed that expression, by the way)

Oh, look, here she is showing the most emotion of the evening....
She's probably tweeting, too.

And then there's this...
McDonalds being the official restaurant of the Olympics is like Marlboros being the official medicine of cancer.

From the Olympic commentary I learned that the Maldives Islands is one of the world's smallest nations, but the literacy rate is almost 100%.
I was so impressed that I did some research and found out that they only speak in pronouns and a tongue click that passes as an expletive.
Here is a typical conversation between a man and his wife?
He: Click. (pointing to the chair where should sit his teenage daughter.

Wife: What?
He: Click what.
Wife: Who?
He: She. (pointing)
Wife: Why?
He: Click why. Where?
Wife: Somewhere.
He: How?
Wife: Him.
He: Grunt him.

(The wife just smiled, knowing that was her daughter's precise plan)

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