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Monday, February 11, 2013


Spent the weekend watching every previous episode of Walking Dead in preparation for tonight's (Sunday's) new season.
I spent two years writing a post apocalypse novel. I worked very, very hard not to have my characters do anything stupid. For instance, the first thing he did was find a Coleman generator, then just hooked it up to the gas pumps and fuel up any time he needed. I truly dislike the laziness of the writers in not giving the characters any credit for amazing creativity under such circumstances.
Anyway, here's a collection of funny shit I found.

This is my most hated character. Had he been mine, I would have killed him myself...

This is my favorite character...
I would pay good money just to sniff her panties.

This is my second most hated character....yeah, I would have put her out of her misery the first season...

The whole "Carl doing stupid shit" is a sign of very lazy writers. 

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