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Thursday, January 29, 2015



Why does our government not hit back on the whole anti-vaccination controversy with TV ads from famous scientists, celebrities, and politicians?

A photo from Mars...
From the crazy fringe:

"The person has no helmet and their short hair is visible and in high detail," Taiwan-based ufologist Scott Waring wrote in a post on his blog UFO Sightings Daily. "The person has on air tanks on their back and a suit that covers most of the body except the hair."

People gather to celebrate in the Kurdish-dominated city of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey, after Kurdish forces said they took full control of the Syrian town of Kobani.

 Homemade armor car...
 And this is what Kobani looks like now...

An op-ed piece at Vice's Motherboard is entitled "The Most Anti-Science Congress in Recent History is Now in Session." "That explicit brand of denial is prominent in the party’s new Senate leadership. Many of the men—and they are all men—who are now stationed in the nation’s most influential science posts each exhibit views that can be considered science-illiterate at best, and at worst, outright hostile to modern scientific inquiry."

I'm making a lot of bets taking New England straight up. My reasoning is that Seattle beat my Packers with three of the luckiest plays I've ever seen in post-season: The fake field goal somehow accomplished by a terrified kicker; the two point conversion that was a throw it in the air and pray; and the onside kick where the ball bounced off a good hands guy's helmet. They WILL NOT have luck like that against NE.

I can kind of understand why vampires are invisible in mirrors, but what about their clothes?

He did it.
Remote-Controlled Car Breaks World Record With Speeds of Over 200 Miles Per Hour...

202 to be exact.

Birthing pools are very popular in China nowadays. It gives a more relaxed, natural birth experience, plus it comes in handy if the baby turns out to be a girl.

Every regular bar patron when their bartender comes in drunk on her day off.

This beloved two-legged dog hops around like a kangaroo and does just about anything a healthy dog can do...

Speaking of...
I had a dog that did that. I ignored it, wishing it would just go away. It didn't go away and I had to put her down within three weeks. Unbeknownst to me, there was medication for whatever condition she had that made her do that. 

How delightful...

Everything is a toy if you play with it.

I, for one, think that huge breast size is hugely overrated.

What if you invented a time machine that only worked a little?

Every day, someone on Earth unknowingly takes the biggest shit in the world that day.

I'm not sure how I feel about this...
 It's almost like the stones were bullied. Maybe it's like the stones were made to do something that stones weren't meant to do. Too clean.
And then this...
I'm thinking that structure has a heart of steel I-beams with a veneer of cool stuff.

 If I had it to do over again, I would have lost my virginity at this very spot…

…and would have taken lots and lots of pictures.

If you step on people’s feet, they will open their mouth, just like a kitchen trash can.

 I've often wondered how they got logs like that into small enough pieces to fit through the saw at the mill.

When I first ran across these images I thought of using them for an art lesson or two...

But then I figured that there is no way in hell to teach anyone how to appreciate a Pollock...and that saddens me.

I don't like the word "dream" when used to describe a person's wish for a cool way to make a living...
But I know so very many people who hate their jobs and feel trapped by rent, car payments, etc. into slogging along in misery. That makes me sad, too.
I am pleased to announce that I have talked two young people into going back to college after dropping out. Both had been talked into major in which they had no interest. My advice was to start with what interests you and then build from there. I wish them both the best. 

I guess they aren't from around here.

Since most people are buried in their best clothes, a zombie apocalypse should be a rather formal event.

 Scientists at the University of Rochester have created a metal that is so extremely hydrophobic that the water bounces on it as if it were repelled by a magic force field. Instead of using chemical coatings they used lasers to etch a nanostructure on the metal itself. It will not wear off, like current less effective methods. 
You might want to research that a bit, the videos are impressive.

 Thanks to a recent rat eradication program, this is the first baby giant tortoise found on the Galapagos island of Pinz√≥n in 150 years...

Fuck rats.

The Food Network should do a late night cooking show for drunks called "So Your Drunk Ass Is Hungry."

One Of My Very Own...

Her exact words were: “Men can masturbate with my wagina!” - yes, wagina.

She ain't from around here.

Getting another set of teeth would be much more useful at age 60 instead of age 6.

Some sort of news....
(that was true)

(The Onion) 

So very many pictures...
 We all seem obsessed with pictures...
Think of the vast amounts of time wasted to take billions of photos that nobody will ever see.

Pooped without my phone this morning, just like Gandhi.

If you say "guess who died?" with a big smile on your face some people get kinda angry.

So, what has the tech age wrought?
 A lot of wasted time I fear...
I fear that this movie may not be as much fiction as one would think...

Whole Foods on Sunday is just a refugee camp for people with too much money.

Note to guy who hit the crosswalk button like 45 seconds after I did & just then it changed: You didn't do that. I did that.

The most British looking guy I’ve ever seen.

Check out the expression of girl in blue...

I’ve ended up encountering much less porridge than I had expected I would as a child.

Why have a roof this steep?

The weight of the snow would clear itself off that roof...I think.

 Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh buys used Bratz and other similar dolls with heavy makeup from thrift shops and gives them “makeunders”—a process in which she removes the paint from the dolls’ faces, repaints them with realistic features, and dresses them in handmade clothing

Speaking of...
Here's Mummy Barbie to educate your little snowflake...
 And here's one to educate her in another area...
 And lastly, here's one for your son...

 Another naked lady doing something stupid because she was told to...
Just another reason men make more money than gals.
Here's the way I think it all works:

Photographer: "No, no. You look much too comfortable. Twist your body around like you've just been hit by a bus and are lying on the pavement completely helpless."

"That's much better. Now hold that for 20 minutes while I get the F-stop."
"Oh, foot wipe off guy, come get that gull shit off her heel. I want this to look natural."

I couldn't afford a vacation in Mexico, so the wife and I watched the Spanish channel all day and ate some undercooked chicken.

 Read the article about how to jump out of a moving car. Basically, you land on the side of your body and let each roll absorb some of the force. It was casually mentioned that you should keep your limbs from flailing, which is all but impossible.

 Notice the people standing on the artwork...

Desperate people fight back with whatever weapons are at hand...

People who are mad that we don't have hoverboards yet are VERY forgiving of the fact that we still have, like, racism.

 This is me and the wife when a neighbor shoots off fireworks the day after any given eve.

 My grandfather on my father's side made my grandmother's wedding band out of a $20 gold piece...
 She wore it for so long that the inside was worn as thin as a wire.

My Final Word...


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