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Sunday, February 8, 2015


Rather long 8 or so minutes but funny...

Love Letters to Richard Dawkins

Thanks to alert viewer, Reon, for suggesting this.

Pick your battles carefully, otherwise you look like an idiot...

Well, basically you just....think. 

So my heart NEEDS my child to have bone cancer?

The bible is full of plot holes. Let's just address one.
We all know that Adam and Eve and their children could not have populated the earth. I saw Deliverance and I know what happens when relatives breed.
So, god could have created other families to give Seth, etc somebody to marry. But there a twist. If god created another family(ies) they wouldn't have original sin since they didn't eat from that fucking tree.
To handle this oddity in logic the book does what all poorly written works of fiction do...they just never explained it and allows each reader to just make up a scenario that works for them.
Same with the problem of getting a kangaroo on the ark.
And that from the "greatest story every written."

 But he doesn't give you a no. He gives you silence that you misconstrue as a no.

 Or as I call it, prayer.

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