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Thursday, July 21, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


You might want to look this up...it's a hoot...



Someone messaged this guy the picture of Jupiter's South Pole, this is how it showed up on his watch thingy.


From the BBC...

(It was 90 degrees)
Republican aids...

Democratic aides...

And then there's this woman...

Whoever taught my wife how to "air quote," I need to speak with you privately.

A very interesting question...

I have somewhat of an addictive personality. When I get into something, I really, really get into it. I will admit that I do not give spelling and grammar the attention it deserves, but there are only so many hours in the day.

This is one of the first internet gags I posted a long time ago.

My rule of thumb is simple. If my wife was sitting next to me in a doctor's office while I thumb through a magazine, and I come upon a picture I think would educate or amuse her, I would show it to her. Folio Olio is just another way to do that with a larger audience...an illustrated discussion, if you will.

I used to be obsessed with my art, also.

Some of my happiest times happened while my hands looked just like that.

I think a lot about art still. When I stumble across an image like this, my eye is drawn toward the decoration.

Taking the time to decorate that vase takes leisure time. The more leisure time, the more art.

But most people (I think) have decades old notions of what is and is not art.

Is the above art? Of course. It might be silly art. It might be ridiculous art. But I am fully immersed in the absurd, so I love it.



Mosaic Portraits Made From Donuts by Candice CMC

How to customize your home using an overhead projector...

Decorating a wall with a perfect, floor-to-ceiling replica of the opening of Harry Potter.

Sarajevo Roses: Mortar Scars Filled With Red Resin as War Memories



A Jellyfish unknowingly protect a school of baby Yellowtails, from an attacking group of Trumpetfish?

Remember when we used to worry about internet people finding us in real life instead of the other way around? Real people finding us on the internet.



I would sit and study that for hours.

The oldest house in Aveyron, France was built some time in the 13th Century.

It was built in that strange shape because it was taxed on foundation size.


Drone's eye view photos reveal the racism of South African neighborhoods.

But it is really racism? Is there anyone in the poor zone who you want to replace your heart with someone else's? Or fix your computer? Or teach your children Latin?


More absurdity...


Two award winning illusions...

Stare at one unit and you will see nothing actually moves.

That is not a spiral.


Now imagine wearing shorts while riding and that is your knee.

And people reinvented the wheel.


Said to be Soviet Union testing a P-270 Moskit anti ship missile against a old cruise liner. Missile could be equipped with a nuclear warhead too, for the days you don't want any wreckage about.

Chillest souvlaki shop employee ever.

Did you notice it was a burglary attempt?

Musket ball stuck in the pages of a Bible, a miracle that likely saved his life.

A miracle? What about the 20,000 other men who died?
You want a miracle? Here's a miracle...

When I treat people the way I want to be treated, they get weirded out.


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