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Saturday, April 25, 2020


One Of My Very Own




NOTE: In order to find enough non-pandemic items to fill a normal post I have had to use more reposts than I am comfortable with, plus files that may be too large. If you have any difficulty please cut me some slack.




^^A3^^                     **IKIARBISW

[verification needed]






And don't try to tell me that you don't want the government running your health care because millions have Medicare and love it...including me.


A new twist on Billy Joel's Piano Man.



I think women invented grilling to trick men into cooking.




He's probably not gay...




No matter how old you get, Momma will still whoop your ass...












Children born feet first briefly wear their mother as a hat but no one is ready to talk about that.



I'll never tire of looking for interesting things on the beach. 

In 2015, a Texas plumber who sold his truck to a dealership found out that the decals were not removed when it ended up in the hands of ISIS.
 [verification needed]


Look carefully...
This movie character is a second away from shooting at what he is aiming at, but he's not aiming at anything. He's just pointing his rifle in its general direction.

This is a fucking dog!

 Clearly, it doesn't work, the way the mouse keeps teleporting back outside of it every 15 seconds or so.

 Ratings of Simpsons Episodes per IMDB scores

This took me longer than it should have...
They are using their weapons as jumper cables. 

I'm assuming once inside the small compartment that they are forced down into a larger container below. 


Think of all the people who are not expecting to drown today but will.





Croaking Bullfrog And His Soundwaves
In case you want to hear it:

Hohenzollern Castle in Germany
Look at the access from one defensive position to the next. Amazing. 

Meteorite turns night into day.
Prehistoric people had no way to explain that so no wonder their gods lived in the sky.

Microburst dumping thousands of gallons of rain on a city at once.

Tornado in Arkansas April 8th


That platform on which the bench sits was necessary to house all the wiring and equipment needed for the numerous scenes shot there.

Search Results:
Syndrome K is the true story about a highly contagious, highly fictitious disease created by three Roman Catholic doctors during the holocaust to hide Jews in a Vatican-affiliated hospital.


Men never really scratch our balls. It's more of a pinch and twist technique that no one ever teaches us - we just figure it out on our own and no one talks about it.



NOTE: Some of these are really large files that I'm testing to see if it will upload.

Come at me, Bro.

No, you come to me...


My people need me...


Dough rounder rounding dough balls.

A-1 lifeboat designed to be air-dropped by Boeing SB-17Gs to aid aircrews forced to ditch at sea.

No, jellyfish. 


Not all heroes wear capes.
But did he save it? I was told that you knew if a pond in Florida had an alligator in it was to look for turtles. A pond with no turtles meant the gators had eaten them.


But don't his pants fit nicely. 





If you are ever going to watch one of these this is the one:





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