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Thursday, April 2, 2020


One Of My Very Own






My daughter found this review online for a wine they drank:












Poll says that 56% of Americans don't want kids to be taught Arabic numerals.



Snow White’s glass casket was the original snow globe and if you think the dwarves didn’t fill it up with glitter and shake her around in there when they got sad, you’re a fool.




The first artists were muralists just like me.

Look at the perfect shape of the head, neck, and shoulders...

I predict that they are all drawn as the side view because the models were laying on the floor dead.

I did everything I could to find an explanation for that but to no avail. Anybody? 

Let's just hope no child gets between her and her babies. That is nothing to laugh at.


Vietnamese Mossy Tree Frog

Welcome to my colon...

Teacher: Your daughter said the "S" word in class today.
Me: Seriously?

Teacher: No. Shit. She said shit.




This person entered the store and simply walked out without paying and the cashier couldn't believe it.
You can certainly tell he doesn't own the store. 


If girls had penises for one day. 

Tug of War game. Manipur, NorthEast India.

 Nothing wrong with young guys dating older women, but please don't dig them up.

Reuse of that old recorder...

Did you ever wonder what girls do in the bathroom for so long?
If guys had a vagina for just one day. 

Who do you think this is?
Take a good look before reading the caption. 

Pool chlorine and brake fluid. 
I could watch that a thousand times.





 Think Jurassic Park

 Don't laugh. Your Lord told you that if you were a true believer that you would be able to handle deadly snakes and drink poison without harm.






Scott James said...

Puzzle time = 7. Point of view is from the opposite side of the key insertion.

That's my 15 second guess anyway.

Ron B said...


Anonymous said...

number 7 is close butt 5 is in wrong direction or i got my head up my ass

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time. clearly #7.
but it only took me 9 seconds.

Inchworm said...

Number 8. the inside curve of the "5" portion of the keyhole is rounded off enough.

Anonymous said...

C7 “Welcome to my colon”. Shouldn’t that read semicolon, it is after all a half a colon?

Andrew said...

The only key I see is the one at the bottom, center. The things at the top would be slots or locks?

Anonymous said...

D8: That's Irene Hervey, not Irene Ryan. Note the signature.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining what **IKIARBISW meant.
PS: The Pandemic bonus reads are well worth the time, thank you!

Ralph Henry said...

Maybe Irene got married?

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