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Friday, May 15, 2020

FRIDAY #4159

One Of My Very Own











 #1 answer: Trampled. You would get trampled to death.






A midwife is just the wife between your first and third one.




Stephen King's house, Bangor Maine
His architect should have his license revoked. 

Turned house's old mail slot into a tiny gallery.
I've never seen a sloppier caulk job.

This Upside down Dairy Queen Blizzard Store


It's that time of year in the American South.

I was wondering about the range of mosquitoes and found this:
There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world that have adapted to different climatic and weather conditions. The largest population of mosquitoes is found in tropical regions that often have humid conditions – in countries like Thailand, Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia.

For such massive feet, its stride seems rather short.


Lady Liberty, Susquehanna River, Harrisburg, PA
Who knew? 

Wife and I pulled into this place during one of our roadtrips.
 We didn't spend the night.
Too expensive.
They have those classic cars strewn about the property.


I just panic bought 7 gallons of wolf urine online and I’m not even sorry.



 That handsome actor bites his nails.
I judge people who bite their nails. 

Why you should always invite at least one agile black guy to your parties. 

 I feel like that just makes identification easier.

Here's a pretty good skit that explains the whole Karen problem.

Been there, done that. 

Does it bother anybody else that he missed behind that ear?

I would call that "Tethered Lady."


Let’s be honest, if I were to time travel to medieval Europe, I’d drink all the mead, and then promptly forget what I was there to do.

A hundred million years would have been funnier.


Sodium Metal in Water
That must kill some fish. I wonder if he collects them. 


My wife would do something like that. 

This is a sausage gravy fountain with chunks of biscuits...

 What a wonderful idea - keeps baby occupied andAND exercising.

The World's Oldest Known Diving Suit, the Old Gentleman, Early 18th Century, Raahe Museum, Finland. 

Me: I hate when corporate Twitter accounts pretending to be people.

Amazon Prime: I was just saying this to my kids.



I do that - I swear. I can even alter the plot during my minutes of wakefulness.

I don't even like all the talk about heroes.

I'm working on that but Trump makes it very, very difficult. 

But here's Pentagon declassifies three previously leaked top-secret U.S. Navy videos of "unexplained aerial phenomena".
I want to believe, I really, really do. But consider this:

Notice the boarded-up window.
A monster is after them, so, of course, it's time for a nap.
That's what happens when your budget is tight so you fire the writer.

 I still do that. Also, when there's a repeating pattern of utility poles or cracks in the road I will only let myself blink in between objects.

I  don't overthink life. I was born, I am alive, and I will die. Period.
So? I'm here today. Live...just live...and make it good...and if not good, better.

The followers of every religion apply to that religion the things that they personally believe - no matter how vile.

-My daughter: We are being watched.
-Me: Nahhhh.
So she laughed
And I laughed
And Alexa laughed
And Siri laughed

And the robot vacuum cleaner laughed.




When the manager has had enough of Karen.

I think he thought it was grass.
Did you notice that he had on glasses when entering the water and didn't when he came out?

Oh, hell no! 


You can't throw a dead cat without seeing a video of that exact same thing. 







Why the fuck not? 





 There is a snake in this photo.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: Copperhead. Dead center.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: I can't believe I looked at that photo and never saw the snake.
PS: had to go back and look at several posts again as they were so interesting.

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