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Saturday, May 9, 2020


One Of My Very Own





This is what a professor said on the first day of class:






What British people imagine when Americans talk about 'Biscuits and Gravy"





 Get it?

And just remember - they hated Illinois Nazis...

[verification needed] 

  • The divider that your silverware goes in.
  • Their wallet, and only their wallet... just leave a pile of cash and cards where their wallet would be and let them try to figure it out.
  • The spice packets from their ramen.
  • 10mm socket
  • Fridge light bulb
  • A few links from the chain on the plunger in the toilet tank so it always runs.
  • I take a bite out of all the bar soap in the house.
  • Shorten one leg on ever dining room chair.
  • The pull chains off ceiling fans.
  • Change all the labels of the cans goods.
  • The pull chains off ceiling fans.


[before quarantine]
me: “gross! this cereal has gone stale”
[5 weeks in quarantine]
me: “you found cereal?! ill get the raccoon milk!”



Gameboy-shaped mailbox in Shikoku, Japan

That dog needs some valium. That should never be allowed.

Dead People's Junk Drawers
There were dozens of these that I found interesting. 
I had a friend who used to work for a company that conducted estate sales. He was allowed to take small non-expensive items. He stole a dead guy's fedora...the same one I wear to this day.
Russian morgue




Imagine living here...

The new normal...

 A Graffiti-Covered Mural by PichiAvo Converts a Pipe into Cupid’s Arrow
I, too, used existing objects in my designs. 

Last day before the quarantine.
Rather powerful that. 


Having a tattoo in a hidden place is really just entertainment for the coroner.




Final Destination Dance
You know there really isn't anything stopping one car "talking" to other cars to warn each other of such obstacles ahead.


If you would like to hear him scream like a snake bit little girl: 
I listened to it a dozen times and laughed harder each time.

It was a wasp nest. 


I had some murder scenes in my books that caused my readers to question me about them. But if you want unusual methods of homicide I'm you man. 


I watched my neighbor pull off this morning with his coffee on top of his car.

I could have warned him, but I’m out of stuff to watch.



Happy Birthday Andy Serkis

Artists' impression of the event captured by Hubble in 2004.
 The actual planet exploding in 2004

The young star system Fomalhaut is still surrounded by a planetary disk of material, similar to our solar system four billion years ago. When Hubble first imaged the star back in 2004 astronomers noticed a planet in orbit. This is unusual since it's rare for exoplanets to be imaged directly -- they have to be very large, close, and bright.

Astronomers named the planet Dagon and came back to it for further study. Imaging of the planet yielded confusing results. First, it was getting larger and brighter, then it dimmed. It also didn't exhibit the gravitational effects on the surrounding dust that you'd expect from a very large planet.


How very sad.

I remember. Taking names.

It's called an ice press.


From Lego...






TV show. 







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