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Friday, June 26, 2020

FRIDAY #4202

One Of My Very Own





I've heard people say that we need to solve the problems here on Earth before we explore space.

One of the things that make us human is our drive to explore. And that drive has served us well so far.

 I didn't believe that so I looked it up.

There's been a giant plasma storm on the sun. This is 90 minutes of it from condensed down to 6 seconds.

And what must storms on these giants be like?

There must be a reason for that behavior. Anybody? 

Satellite photos reveal shocking destruction at JUST ONE of the hundreds of illegal gold mining sites now ravaging the Yanomami territory.

The Yanomami, also spelled Yąnomamö or Yanomama, are a group of approximately 35,000 indigenous people who live in some 200–250 villages in the Amazon rainforest on the border between Venezuela and Brazil.


Our view of Pluto has changed since the flyby of New Horizons. 
I know you've seen that before but I like to imagine the looks on the scientists' faces when they first saw it...after all these years.



A new and better brick design...and, of course, a state of the arts adhesive.
It's about goddamn time! We have been laying bricks the same labor-intensive way since Egyptian times.
But in the technique above wouldn't you need adhesive on the ends of the brick to stop moisture migration?


Well, I gave my wife a haircut and long story short it is a darn good thing she’s stuck at home.




Florida Man

I thought for sure it was Australia until I saw the sign on the door.

Monkey King

Yeah, I have a super-competitive daughter also.


No. That's not why she was slapped. She was slapped because she assaulted the other woman.

That reminds me of how I lost my virginity. 

And today's NOPE award goes to... 




I bet the marketing people at Corona really wish this thing was called Heinekenfluenza.



Better late than never...

On phone with husband: "My check engine light is on."

You may think this would be good news not bad but read the article.

I think the little bastard did that on purpose. 

Who the fuck opens a door on a highway without checking for oncoming cars?

I did not know this.


Watch the wires...

I don't think that's suppose to happen.

I wonder if they can get a group rate with the therapist.

2019: No carbs.
2020: Eats a loaf of Wonder Bread out of the bag like it’s popcorn at the movies.



Time-lapse of umbrellas opening in perfect synchronization.



Bigfoot Footage Stabilized
To me, that looks exactly like a man in a gorilla suit.

 I have found a kindred soul...


Iron Rebar Mammoth

Expansion and overflow tank for heavy industry in transit.
That's A LOT of fucking wheels! 

 Did you notice that the middle of the hose is marked so he gets it right every time?

Today’s Forecast: Room Temperature
Tomorrow’s Forecast: Room Temperature
Long-Term Forecast: Room Temperature



Each item in this section has something in common with the other items.

So very close...
That’s a DC-10, a huge aircraft. 



Sock vs Sulfuric Acid
I'm assuming it's synthetic.

That makes it easy to realize why all the rocks are rounded off. 

That is one dirty dog! 


Is that a narwhal horn in the foreground?

The monsters of the deep, they be calling...


Iceland without tourists


Mystery Theme: Liquids



 Somewhere there is a therapist who will be able to buy that new boat.







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Puzzle time = bottle nose dolphin

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