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Sunday, June 7, 2020

SUNDAY #4183

One Of My Very Own





Hell, I could be king there.





How true.

Hobbiton, New Zealand
 I have always been fascinated by how people build their homes out of materials widely available in their area. Above they have grass for roofing and rocks for fences and walls.
Think of all the innovation when faced with challenging building site.

And man will use ANYTHING available...


"Da plane, boss, da plane." 


I knew if I didn't at least try to write a book that I would regret it for the rest of my life. I ended up writing twelve. The hardest thing I ever had to do.

How very clever.

With people like herself in the world, she wonders why queers "hide in the closet.


[with my final breath] Tell my wife that I loved..the economy.



My brother-in-law bought a Tesla. I tell you that because he loves it. I'm holding out for the pickup truck. 

Grandma boarding the plane realizes the pilot is actually her granddaughter!
How wonderful.

I lost my virginity to this woman...

She wasn't there at the time, but still... 

Stocking up on frozen pizza?
Take them out of the box and write the cooking time and temp on the back. 
I would also write the date bought.

That's just one of her charitable works. She quite a go-getter. 


DAD: Mommy and I are just having a little fight.
KID: Are you…gonna get a divorce?

DAD: Damn, that thought never occurred to me. That’s a good idea!



I wonder how, exactly, those things mate.

 What have we here?

It's a knothole in a moss-covered tree.

A blue whale was spotted off Vancouver Island. They're immense creatures, bigger than any living thing in the history of the world (including all dinosaurs). When born, their babies can be up to around 25 feet long.
It's heart is 400 pounds.

I've seen plenty of "Shooting Stars" that burn out very high but I've never seen one almost reach the ground.

Here's something I didn't know...


I wonder why those huge things aren't bred for its fur.


I thought the old lady was wearing a fancy shawl. 

That thing is tiny! Do you think it's a newborn?

Komodo Dragons fighting looks like a scene from Godzilla...

Did you notice that they didn't bite? Just a test of strength to win the right to mate.

Mt. St. Helens

I found this interesting...



A poor analogy is like a bad comparison.



(Counter rocket, artillery, and mortar)
 vs Indirect fire over Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan
(Sound on) 

As I understand it this thing uses radar to plot the path of the incoming projectile then lays down a stream of bullets in front of it.

I once opined about those bullets having to come down somewhere, but if I interpreted the film correctly it looks like the bullets self-destruct after a time.

Criminal escapes justice with confidence and skill.
"They went thataway, officer."

Dear everyone asking where the flying cars are, I present 
Exhibit A.

I could not and would not even try doing that.

Lesson learned.

 How the fuck did that even happen?

An old woman once came to my backdoor and asked me to come to look at her kitchen light switch because it was smoking.
When I got there the switched looked like this plug. I asked her if she knew where the fuse box was, she said yes, and I told her to turn all of them to the off position. When she returned I asked her to hold the flashlight while I tried to remove the switch. I still had trouble seeing so he went to the other switch and turn the kitchen light on. Very calmly I asked if she turned all the fuses off and she said, "Some of them."




I have never done anything as good as that guy tied down that tractor.

Sometimes a memory will pop up in my mind and I will moan aloud. I've never done anything truly evil, but I'm high on the number of times I have been embarrassed. 


Only a handful of humans know what that feels like. 











Anonymous said...

C2 reminds me of a limerick: "The was a tree surgeon named Lee,
Who took a young lass up a tree. She said "Shift yer whopper, ya careless limb chopper, that's a moss covered knot hole, not me!"

Steve said...

Puzzle: Monaco

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs and interesting posts.
My Favorites:
*A-10 I ask myself that every frigging day.
*LOVE the pilot Granddaughter
AND Willie Nelson is 100% RIGHT!

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