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Thursday, June 25, 2020


One Of My Very Own




Drones have changed everything.

Albert Einstein giving a lecture on relativity in 1946 (after the war, before the civil rights movement). His peers criticized this appearance. The press purposefully didn't cover it. He simply wanted to inspire young minds with the beauty and power of science. 

Right to Know, by Norman Rockwell 1968
 Originally painted for a different era, but one which has disturbingly familiar problems.  We see citizens of all races and ages stand side-by-side in front of the kind of elegant desk you'd expect a senator or president to use.  The doubt, simmering anger, and accusation in their eyes tell the story.  Just imagine yourself in the chair of our current leaders in the US, and try to meet the eyes in this crowd.
Norman Rockwell in his studio, 1973. 

I have a thing for trees. I guess it's because I grew up in the woods.
Here are specimens that piqued my interest.

It is growing inside the post.

This tree looks like it is trying to tip-toe away.
 That was probably caused by erosion.
This next one was caused by a seed sprouting on a stump then years later the stump rotted away.


War Horse
"Everyone is talking about Civil War monuments, so I thought I’d make a post about a neutral one. This is at The Virginia Historical Society in Richmond. It states: “In memory of the one and one half million horses and mules of the Confederate and Union armies who were killed, were wounded or died from disease in the Civil War.” I’m not a pro-Confederate monument person. I can show you from my front porch where soldiers from both sides marched through, no monuments, but it’s still known. I like this one though, as hard as it is to look at, and it should be. We often neglect to think about just how much was lost."

There's a similar monument in London to "Animals in War," with the simple caption: "They had no choice".

It's a rabbit! Emerging from the ocean!


Bird: Good morning! How are you?
Me: Oh my God! You can talk!

Bird *tapping his Bluetooth earpiece*: I missed what you said, some jackass is shouting at me.




Austin PD forges fake support



The graphics are really good in that article.




*First person to ever eat Chicken*
Friend: So what does it taste like?

First-person to ever eat Chicken: It’s hard to say.








[verification needed] 


He's good.

Lady one “What’s the worse thing your husband has said during sex?”

Lady two “Honey, I’m home.”




Starting a race in heavy rainfall


I had a Toyota van like that. It was a little weird in that the driver's seat is directly over the front wheel.



You only have to turn your back for a second...
And notice that only the fifth floor has a ledge like that.





I almost missed the snake. 

Just desserts...


He texted his mother from the hospital.

It has a retractable hood emblem.










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