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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


One Of My Very Own




I would kind of like to have seen that with my very own eyes.
What a strange phrase. We don't say felt it with my own fingers or heard it with my own ears.



All things Ralph...










One of the worst kinds of eye contact is with anyone waiting for a table in a restaurant when you are sitting at a table.



Look very closely...
 That's how he cranks his car.

Two balls at once...

I'm thinking the second ball is a foul ball from an adjacent field.

Shout out to camera guy for keeping that thing steady.
My back broke just watching. 

You see things when you go overseas that you never see at home.

I regret I never learned photoshop.

He's at it again...


Eye Practice
Okay, I do possess that skill. 


Wingardium Leviosa!
"It's not LevioSA, it's LeviOHsa."

Speaking of...



Just wait...

Demon Rum

As the world gets dumber, I can't help but think Pizza Hut should give a personal pan pizza to every adult who reads 12 books over the summer.




Meat piroshki (belyashi)
AKA delicious Russian hot pockets

Wall Printer
I wonder if it's that fast. 


When she totally forgets then remembers that she is a married woman...

Never challenge a fucking bus! 

2,000 frames per second.


Not one person who went for a job interview in 2015 got the answer right to, "So where do you see yourself 5 years from now?"



A dog's version of "The floor is lava".


I'm thinking the film is reversed. 

Fabulous Hair

Lipizzaner at the Vienna School Austria. These horses learn a traditional style of riding that assisted knights with fighting in battle.

That's a whole lot of fucking cubs!
Do you think it's a bear orphanage?

Onward, noble steed!

I bet my wife will order one of those. 

The internet in one picture...

Sweet revenge...

It's a ribbon worm. 



 Watch the background!








Anonymous said...

Suicide. Chart on wall shows an investment that tanked. Blood spatter on wall off to his left after he shot himself with right hand. Open window near left hand indicates that if it was murder, spatter would have been opposite and gun on floor would be in different place.

Anonymous said...

Murder. There was a struggle. The murderer left by opening the window.

Menotu said...

Murder - Gun is too close to body for a suicide, the recoil alone would have sent it a distance, plus since it is a semi-auto the recoil would have caused it to jam open (no recoil control once the bullet hits the brain). The gun from this distance appears to be ready to go (not locked open nor jammed). The stuff on the floor indicates a struggle, including the broken bottle against the wall. The air conditioner on the wall would have meant that the window would normally be closed, the perp was in a hurry to leave so didn't bother to close it. The other window being locked means it is safe to assume that both windows had been locked closed and thus the perp left via the open window. Further, the tie and top button being undone along with the streamers on the AC not waving would tend to lead a person to believe the AC is broken, but had it been broken prior to the murder both windows would have been open, not just one. We don't see the power cord for the AC, if we could see it we might see that it got unplugged, possibly during the struggle. Of course this is speculation, just as the bottle smashing against the wall and getting liquid into the controls section could have shorted out the unit. The person running in the background could be coincidental or happen-stance, or they could have heard the commotion and are going to get the authorities or chasing the perp. Or actually is the perp.
The graph on the wall also could be misleading in that it could be a tv and running a news program that might not have anything to do with the room.
The picture/pictograph/etching on the inside of the table leg looks to be related to judicial scales indicating this as a legal related office vs a financial office giving more credence to the chart on the wall being inconsequential.

Scott James said...

Puzzle time: Murder
The man was sharing a graph with someone. Why else have it on the wall and not just on the laptop?
There is a letter on the floor (next to torn envelope) with the same graph.
The dead man was clearly trying to explain the technologies performance to his client who had just recieved the mail.
The client got irrate and threw the bottle against the wall. He then jumped up knocking the chair to the floor and swept the desk with his left arm. He then pulled a gun from his left pocket, leaned across the desk and shot the man. The bullet casing bounced off the killer and fell next to the the dead man. Had it been suicide the casing would have had nothing to prevent it from its up and right trajectory.
The killer then picked up the framed photo and placed it face down on the desk.
After placing the gun to imply suicide, the killer walked around to the other side of the desk and opened the drawer to imply that the gun was retrieved from there.
He then exited through the nearest window to him.

Ralph Henry said...


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