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Sunday, August 2, 2020

SUNDAY #4239

One Of My Very Own


The old pretend to drop my phone in the toilet trick. "Now to see if my trick will work."

Rusing done well...
Therapy costs extra. 




RH: I don't get it and it bugs me that I don't get it.

Meanwhile, in Iowa...

My sister has been wondering what my 15-year-old nephew does in his room all day. I sent her this:


Clever that.

Inside of you, there are two wolves...
Or having a swab shoved into your brain?

All things...

Me, making resolutions in January 2020: "This is the year I work on myself for a change."
And then 2020 laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.



These are all actual diagrams from one source or another.




And my favorite...

 ^^B 1-18^^

Judge: I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation
Me: *floating*



Haven’t got the premium seeds yet...

I call that a one-star review.



A dog that big MUST be on voice control!


Two cat gifs in one post. A new world record! 

A gag order but for people that go “ahhhh” after every sip of coffee.



Comet 2020 F3 NEOWISE through clouds in NJ after Sunset. Taken July 15.


And he created many classics...



Wild horses in Northern Albania
I had no idea. 

Some cool metalworking and swords by 
Longquan swords


And it's the only one we have.

Stuðlagil Canyon in Jökuldalur valley, Eastern Iceland.
It kinda bothers me knowing I will never see such things.
But with luck, I can see my grandson graduate from college.

They are hunting RAMBO right now in Germany!












Anonymous said...

I believe the person in bed is a witch. The wart on her face is the tip

Wrekreation said...

A-7 something is amiss. Computer Keyboard on dash of car. Steering column cover missing. I think something happened then someone found and ear of corn and just stuffed it in.

Anonymous said...

b 1-18: wonder how many people tried putting 3 fingers in their mouth to test the claim in the picture.

Anonymous said...

A6 - Not sure it is actually humorous, but A6 makes a little more sense if you think that an ordinary little girl would enjoy riding ponies/horses, and be surrounded by pictures and posters of the same. The little witch girl obviously enjoys riding brooms in the same obsessive way.

Anonymous said...

The little boy cooking made me both happy and sad.
We have so much and others so little.

Anonymous said...

A7 that looks like a rear window to me

Puzzle: Pot makes you dyslexic?

Ralph Henry said...

What about the steering wheel?

Unknown said...

People who Smoked Pot in the Middle ages were 'Stoned' to death! hahah ....
NOT one of mine!!!

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