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Sunday, August 9, 2020

SUNDAY #4246

One Of My Very Own



Pro vs Amateur

Notice the neon sign at the very top.
When it is lit the blinking lights look like the bottle is pour out liquor.
The same effect a flickering campfire would affect these ancient drawings.

Prom Night
In his defense, it is moving radically. I thought the nozzle had the little wings on it to stabilize it.

A man that is easy to hate. 

The Year 536
Check out this cool video on this topic for some more info:

Homemade lightning

I would think that normal. Think of the US and Europe. And god knows how many they have in Russia. 


"Hear" as in a continuous rustling of leaves.

He actually donated all his income from it to Holocaust survivor groups. 

The release of methane from ice is also considered one of the tipping points in climate change, where the effects of rising temperatures cannot be stopped or reversed.

A 225 Million Year Old Petrified Opal Tree Trunk in Arizona
I read that trees existed for millions of years before the bacteria that causes rot so any tree that is felled by storm or disease, etc, would just stack up. I would assume that added to the fossilization process.
I was amazed at how large the area in Arizona is. The park itself is literally littered with fossilized tree trunks in every size. But the park is only part of the area and you are free to collect the fossils elsewhere in the area.

Island Building
I just watched a documentary about the gigantic landslides that have occurred in the Hawaiian Chain. Apparently, in the past a 300-foot wall of water from Hawaii hit California.

That's what happens when you cook it under relatively low heat all night. 

The internet has ruined me. 

My daughter was in a group of twelve or so students who were so smart that they were referred to as the A.C. Moore Bubble. When these students moved from grade to grade all the way through high school the test score had an uptick due to the acing the tests.
Anyway, while in high school these kids decided to see who could dress the most cheaply. My daughter bought the cheapest Kmart extra large white men's T-shirts, men's boxer shorts, and $5 Keds tennis shoes. The large T-shirts covered the boxers that she had sewed the fly shut. With no socks, underwear, or bra the whole outfit came in for under $9.
Those kids saved their parents a fortune.

My wife: Let’s spice things up and role play!
Me: I’m in!
Wife: “Good evening, Mr. Grey…”
Me: I’m out!




Rapist & movie producer Harvey Weinstein, child rapist, and trafficker Jeff Epstein and his handler Ghislaine Maxwell at a Hollywood party
Look I may buy weed from an illegal dealer but I don't have my picture taken with them.




A Karen complaints about the birds at a campsite


How many times must that happen in the wild? 

Serves the murdering bastard right. 

Oh, look, another Karen...





Electric fence experiment ends as expected

If that does not load try this:

I held my breath the whole time. Try it:


Quarantine has been a good way to find out which of my neighbors have loud lawnmowers and barking dogs. All of them. The answer is all of them.



The Canine Rebounder


According to that, the hot dog is a taco.






















Anonymous said...

Puzzle:. 11
Now,if you can solve this using common core math, you may very well be a genius.

Anonymous said...

5 + 3 x 2 = 16

Anonymous said...

Puzzle = 10
9 seconds

Ralph Henry said...

Some of you people need to slow down.

Anonymous said...

Please explain.

Ralph Henry said...

There's a times sign in there.

don said...

didnt notice times sign so answer is 16 but i am not a genius so who knows

Anonymous said...

16 assuming the shorter guy with the red hat isn't like 3/4 x 2

Anonymous said...

To the person who answered 10, how did you get that answer?

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