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Sunday, August 16, 2020

SUNDAY #4253

One Of My Very Own



This is the only section today. I hope you enjoy it.





Question: If you paid that woman for a milk bath would you allow a third party to photograph you in the tub?
 Me neither.



That's one huge attention whore. 

Turning a simple argument with your girlfriend into an attempted murder charges in 5...4...3...

We all knew she was going to grow up to be a beautiful woman.
 The gawker behind her agrees...

And she's still spreading her magic...
Or not. 


It's hard work but somebody's got to do it...


When I was still painting murals I can see myself doing something like this... 

This not how to take a breath test...
I would like to meet that young woman.

We've all had days like this...


We've all done that haven't we.

 Men and their toys.


Michigan inn owner removes the Norwegian flag because residents falsely believed it's the Confederate flag.
What the fuck do people in Michigan know about the Confederate flag? Nothing, obviously.

The funniest thing you will see on this site.
I laughed aloud...again!
Sound On 


The ONLY time this has EVER happened in the history of baseball.
Sound on.

Cheeto dust permanently tattooed on his fingertips.


Dozens of die-hard car racing fans found an ingenious way to support their favorite drivers while also abiding social distancing rules – they rented 21 construction cranes and watched the race from above the race track arena.


He's a real dog person. 

I bet she is great at faking orgasms.


"Well, shit." 

Lucky Lady
 But many more times you accidentally cross paths with misfortune.
Case in point:

I browse Imgur every day. The guy behind the spokesman does also.









If you would like to hear their terror: 

He's clicking the wrenches together to mimic a motor tick.
 With sound:



That kid is so bowlegged he couldn't catch a pig in a ditch.

By the end, the 5 protesters and she were really good friends. 



 A self-burning chimney stove








 Find the black cat


Stephen Hait said...

Puzzle: Lower left near game board

Anonymous said...

You painted murals ?
I can’t picture you painting the shit house !

Unknown said...

A28: "I CAN'T SEE, SHIT!!!"

Unknown said...

A30: I can "RUB" them Tattoos out! hahaha

Unknown said...

A47: Do Foxes EAT Dead Grandmas?!?! hahaha

Anonymous said...

But if he did people would travel out of their way just to say they shat in the house that Ralph painted.

Just sayin'.

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