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Sunday, August 23, 2020

SUNDAY #4260

One Of My Very Own



What is this, a record store for mice? 

Well yes, it is and someone built it in the Swedish town of Lund. It even lights up at night.

Look at these stairs...

They fold up and are stored flat.

And the tailgate still closes.


Lucille Ball: Happy Birthday to one of the greatest comedians, and savvy businesswomen of all time. 

"Monkey see monkey do."


THIINGY: It's a Technical term.


We could all use a trip like this right now.

Just image.


Repairing a decaying basketball court with the Japanese art of kintsugi.

That took a lot of work and he used gold resin...but it's still pretty fucking cool.

Question my wife might ask...


SpaceX Breakthrough as Mars 'Starship' Prototype Rocket Aces Successful Test Flight

SpaceX on Tuesday successfully completed a flight of less than a minute of the largest prototype ever tested of the future rocket Starship, which the company hopes to use one day to colonize Mars.

SpaceX on Youtube:


Try a craft you’ve never done so you can get mad at a person you’ve never met.



He rhymed Ellen's mean with Hydroxychloroquine.

We all know it but feel powerless to stop it. Our government has been hijacked and yet we the people take no action. 


"Baby horses?" There ought to be a word for that. 

I did it with racism and you can too. 

Anti-science has deep roots in America...

That's what I call food snobbery. 

And they don't do that by playing by the rules. They do that by buying senators to give them breaks.

I'm that uncle.

"This pandemic is a hoax."
"Global warming is a hoax."
"Anything that interferes with commerce is a hoax."

An Epic, Planet-Scale Wave Has Been Hiding in The Toxic Clouds of Venus For Decades
 Deep in the thick, poisonous clouds wrapped around Venus, the atmosphere is behaving very oddly. A giant, previously unknown planet-scale wall of cloud travels westward around the planet every 4.9 days - and apparently has been doing so since at least 1983.

I have often stated that it is unfathomable to me that a near-adult can reach that age with no marketable skills whatsoever, but I still think minimum wage growth should match inflation.

Ma’am, do you know anything about your husband’s death?
Yeah, suicide. It’s awful, isn’t it?
You’re saying he chopped himself up and threw his body in the lake?
*sigh* I know, he had some real demons.



(Some more serious than others.)

Encountering a rare Siberian Tiger on the road.

Maeklong railway market, Thailand with many close calls...
What magnificent photography.

The black ball in the corner pocket...

Wait for it...

Said to be Florida...
 I'm not sure this is the same huge gator...


Leopard with ultra sneak mode activated.
Something is fixing to have a very bad day. 

So, why was that door being filmed at that exact moment?
The internet has ruined me.

It was stated that "that the cyclist should be banned for life."  I'm assuming it's the guy who cut off the advancing cyclist forcing him into the barrier.

What designer thought that would be a good idea? 


Civic Type R

The last step in Customer Prep...
 But don't try that at home...



Wait for it...


 The loudest and quietest spots in the US.



If you want to know if the Bible is divinely inspired...read Revelations...all of it. Then you tell me.



Nice healthy feet. 


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Anonymous said...


Short version:
Put a 9 on any of the four edge middle cells.
Put a 3 on either of the edge middle cells not in line with the 9.
Put an 8 in the corner cell next to the 3 but away from the 9.
The difference between 15 and the sum of the two numbers will show the number that goes next to the 9. It should be a 4.
Place the 7 in the cell opposite the 3.
Work out the rest of the puzzle by solving any column, row, or diagonal with two numbers until finished. . The result will depend on where you put the 9 and 3. There are multiple working solutions.

The long winded version.

This is a symmetrical puzzle involving constraints, so logically you can solve it by considering what can go where.

First, the 9 can't go on the same line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally with 8, 7, or 6 because the sum would be over 15. It also can't be on the same line as three, since 3 + 9 = 12, and you would need another 3 to complete the sum of 15.

8 can't go with 7

7 can't go with 8 or 4. (7 + 4 + 4 = 15)

3 can't go with 1 or 2, as well as 9 as mentioned above.

Therefore, 9 can't go into any of the corners, because it would only leave open spaces for two of the 4 numbers that can't go with 9. The "0's" below designate the open spaces for the 8, 7, 6, and 3. The 9 also can't go into the center because it would make all the other spaces unavailable for the 4 numbers in its constraint.

9 X X
X X 0
X 0 X

The 9 will need to go in a middle edge space. Since the puzzle is symmetrical, which edge doesn't matter.

X 9 X
0 X 0
0 X 0

This leaves 4 open spaces for the four numbers that need open spaces.
It also shows that the four spaces in line with the nine contain 1, 2, 4, and 5.

Of the four numbers that can't be paired with 9, 3 has the most constraints.
It can't be on the same line as 1 or 2, as well as 9. 3 + 1 or 2 will need a corresponding number larger than 9 to reach 15.
You will notice if you put the 3 on a corner open cell, it makes all but one of the cells unavailable for the 1 and 2.

Y 9 Y
Y Y 0
3 Y Y

3 therefore must be located on one of the edge middle spaces that is not in line with the 9.

Y 9 0
3 Y Y
Y 0 0

Since the 7 and 8 can't be on the same line, one will have to go on the corner next to the 3 (but away from the 9), and the other must go on the edge middle opposite the 3. To keep the 7 from intersecting with the 4, place the 8 next to the 3 and the 7 across from the 3.
At this point you will have a line with two occupied cells, and the rest of the puzzle can be worked out.

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