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Tuesday, August 11, 2020


One Of My Very Own



I'm assuming ceramics.

Pollock and Picasso

Remember when I used to post whole sections called Painted Ladies?

There is a trend of late whereby a mural is painted on an unprepared wall. I like it. My first step was to paint the whole wall a background color never realizing I had an option.

9/11 Coloring Book - Last Page



I'm assuming that is a photograph and not a painting but I have no way of knowing.


I like it. I would have acquired funding adequate to bring me back to change the message from time to time. Maybe a citywide contest to send me suggestions as to the messages to use.

Repetitive Pattern makes my dick tingle.


Again I assuming ceramics. 

This is not really Art or arty but I had no other place to put it...


Does anyone know what happens when your mom gets to 3? Like has anyone ever been stupid enough to ignore her after counting to 2 1/2 and survived to tell the tale?



Earth Porn

Manhattan Pizza Shops

This is one of my all-time favorite photographs.
Many years ago I even wrote a short story about it involving talking leaves. 

I want to believe!

Powerful that. 

If you don't live near the coast you may not know what is going on here.
HINT: They give them names and they have 150 mph winds. 

Do you think it's just a typo or a come-on? 

Ran across a whole photo-essay titled "It Wasn't Supposed To End Like This." This is an example.


Alan Shepard had Meniere's Disease and couldn't fly for years. He finally got over it and eventually went to the moon. I suffered from the same thing.

Ladies, time to start dating the older dudes. They can get you in the grocery store earlier.






I was always confused by this.

I always wondered why she wasn't depicted lying down like a nursing dog. Then I came upon this...
Maybe she stands so she can better detect predators.

Amazon Ghost Dogs

Luring a young condor with a Popsicle


Said to be a Dutch Draft Horse. 

Okay, you can drive...


Sows with piglets are very protective. We had a farm with hogs near my home and we would lure the sow to one end then jump the fence and dash across reaching the far fence before the sow could catch us. Very exciting that.


My neighbor googled “how freaking long can it possibly take to play 18 holes of golf?” if you wanted to know how much trouble her husband is in tonight.



I just realized that didn't say,
 "How do we let her know?"


This is for my friend, Gary...
God, I really miss that guy. 


A most effective apology.
They left out step one: "I did it." Then I'm sorry I did it. And I won't do it again.
That removes every retaliatory arrow in the grieved party's quiver.

It's an ad for a razor.


I have never understood spending money to be fake terrorized.


People were asked about weird shit that happens at their jobs.

 These were left in comments:

  • I had to teach a historical geology class because the geologist who was supposed to teach is was a Young Earth Creationist.
  • I'm an electrical engineer and my co-worker hates Star Trek.
  • I had a university biology teacher that was a creationist and refused to teach evolution.
  • My brother’s a first-generation brown immigrant who supports Trump.
  • My boss is the head of the Diversity and Inclusion committee and a homophobe.
  • I work in EMS. A medic who got covid and has transported COVID patients... they still think it's a hoax.
  • I work with a climate change denier..he’s a science teacher.

How hot is it?


Halloween Costume


Yeah, I like it but the paint job probably costs more than the truck.

This is my kind of a hobby...
You can do it sitting down.











Anonymous said...

Puzzle:. Thinks about it

Anonymous said...

to think it

weaponoffishdestruction@gmail.com said...

B7 - Should be DSL (digital subscriber link?) an inferior internet service.

Anonymous said...

Lots of ooohs and ahhhs but The Beautiful Singapore Changi Airport
was mesmerizing!

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