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Wednesday, August 19, 2020


One Of My Very Own



I'm not a Karen, BUT...
If I bought that out of your store you can count on me having a talk with the manager, the district manager, and the president of the whole damn company!




Why the fuck aren't 100% saying it?!
It’s reasonable to believe 7% of college students simply didn't understand the question with so many multi-syllable words.


I can't say I understood everything in that study, but maybe some of you will.

I bought my grandson this package.

He's a very smart 5 year old.

What a shitstorm bad idea was private prisons.

Dog: *sniffing tree for a long time*
Me: What was that all about?
Dog: “Urine: A Novel,” by Spot. I enjoyed it. Well-paced, interesting plot, good character development.


Well, what say you?


He flew his drone over a field at night, hanging a lamp .. to light the lavender while he took this picture.


The artist says:
"I usually don’t paint this type of art but this surreal idea kept taking over my mind."
As good a reason as any I guess.

A deer ran through this time-lapse.

Lower right corner toward the end. Don't blink.
Fast ain't he!

Earth, Moon & Space
I'm not sure if it's a photo or a painting. 
Either way, I like it.

Abandoned water park in Norway

Simpler times.


Beehive, Honey, and Sunlight.


So this is why the power went out.
Note the perimeter fence scorching the lawn.

The Last African American Veteran of the Civil War

Mark Zuckerberg - No Makeup Challenge

A fun job that.

Me: Its a bear! Quick! Play dead!
*falls down and covers himself with leaves*

Wife: We’re in a zoo!!



That's true you know.

I was once warned about my Beware of Dog sign. It seems that if my dog bites someone and I have that sign, then I KNEW it was dangerous.
I countered that it meant 'I have a dog so don't leave the gate open.'


The eyes have it...


This dog is watching a soccer match and his team scored...
With the sound of the TV and her delightful laugh:

Squirrel being a real jerk because the beachgoers 
won't feed him.

Just a rhino taking a bath...

Something you don't see every damn day.

Largest Elephant in the world, 8000 kg weight, TANZANIA.

That's about 8 tons!
And remember, it walks on its tip-toes.

Doing what mothers of all species do every day.
While the rooster is probably out drinking beer with his cronies. 

My doctor told me I needed a brain MRI.

My wife assured me they wouldn’t find anything.




I can only assume the camera was on a drone.


Terrifying new video shows the moment two people are swallowed by a sidewalk that suddenly collapses in southern China — but incredibly, both survived.
Like we needed the yellow circle.


That is why dentists get rich.

I wonder why with that kind of filth they didn't design an automated window washer like the World Trade Centers.

Pants soiling in 5...4...3...

That looks like fun.


The Ship Of Theseus Paradox
As I understand it, the human body replaces itself every seven years but we are still the same person. I know a ship has no brain, but I think the principle stands... the same ship.










 It was stated that a human being is in the photograph. And further, he is not wearing camo or any other disguise.
 I couldn't find him and I enlarged it.

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Anonymous said...

I thought that was only kitchen matches (i.e., self-striking matches). The matches in matchbooks are called safety matches for a reason.

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