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Wednesday, August 12, 2020


One Of My Very Own



And whose fault is that?

I don't think we can rely on the solution again...

But here's something I could see me doing...


The subtlety here is not wasted...

That too me much longer than it should have.
You see, it's a self-checkout.

I couldn't agree more. 
If you try you best there is no shame in failure.
If you wonder if you should get a master's degree, or open a bar, or become a professional muralist then you MUST try it. You don't want to end up an old man lying in a hospital bed wondering what would have happened.
My wife wondered aloud if she should open her own store. I jumped up, told her she had to and that store was so successful she ended up with three.

Yes, we live in trying times.
But remember this: one day for school assignments students are going to be asked to interview a person who survived The Pandemic of 2020. When they come to you, what are you going to tell them? That you considered wearing a mask as tyranny? They will pity your ignorance.

I read many years ago that life - all life - is a struggle for equilibrium. It was illustrated with a piece of paper with a straight line drawn across the center. At the top of the page was PANIC and on the bottom BOREDOM.
A timeline started from the left starts out on the line and as life progresses it rises too high into panic and you work very hard to take it down to equilibrium again. Then later it sinks toward boredom and again you work hard to regain equilibrium.
All life forms do the same. Life is a continual struggle to avoid panic and boredom.
The guy above is struggling to avoid boredom.

Socially you can be forgiven for stupid behavior by pleading intoxication. But not legally.

Vietnam - A Most Awful War
One of the very few wars the US has lost. 

Then there's this bitch.
Before the election, I said that Hillary Clinton was everything I despised in a politician and Donald Trump was everything I despised in a human being. So I didn't vote.

Wife: You’re drunk.
Me: I’m not the one who’s all blurry, Deborah!



Sun Eclipse during the sunrise, Al-Hasa, Hafouf, East of Saudi Arabia.
It is impressive in motion: CLICK HERE

Somebody should have thought of that long ago.

Chichen Itza when it was discovered in 1892 vs. the present day.


I think they probably do that to give them some exercise so they don't get fat - not the water flume but the walk back up the hill for another go. 

I like to visualize things...

This always bothered me.
 I thought that it had to be an old frame mounted on a golf cart or some such shit because it couldn't run with the drive shaft bent.
 There is no crankshaft on a rear-engine car.
Therefore no hump in the floor.

 I wanted that to be true so badly, but Snopes pricked my hopes with the cruel finger of fact.

Music pedagogies must hate these tools.

Boredom avoidance vs the panic of starvation

Just failed a captcha test. Hell of a way to discover you’re a robot.




 Oh, look, someone knows PhotoShop!!!!

She made a bed table with wheels so they could be even lazier than usual.


Braves Player hits Puppy with Home Run
The cutout was of a Mets player's dog. No animals were harmed in the making of this event.

But one very clever idea is to have fans pay for a cutout then send them a baseball if a ball hits their cutout. Brilliant.


What do you think her intended message is?

Someone at the grocery store yelled “space” dramatically, and I responded with “the final frontier,’ and now I need a new grocery store.





This is why I never stand on the edge of a precipice.

Jeep drives straight through #ElijahMcClain protestors in Aurora Colorado 7.25.20 7pm MST
 But from his view, it looks like a catastrophe.
In reality, it was not. 
The headline read: "Jeep drives..." You never read "A Smith&Wesson shoots..." A person, of course, was the culprit, not the vehicle.

Peace was never an option...

If you would like to hear him squeal like a little girl while his wife cackles uncontrollably: 

Dude is wearing his cap backward while diving...you know someone out of frame is holding his beer.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Cause he found himself in the wrong neighborhood.

My neighbor’s dog wants you to know that bicycles are the devil’s tools or at least that’s the best I could discern of his message.



I would be very disappointed to learn that was faked.

This has been around a while but I still enjoyed it.

We see all the problems with building the pyramids done with brute force. I bet those primitive fuckers had clever ways to do things just like these guys. 

And problem-solving like this may have been going on for a thousand generations...



Lobster Roll

One of the most delicious foods I have ever put in my mouth.

It was a once in a lifetime shot.


How is it that I have never seen rain photographed this way before? It's mesmerizing.

I know you will see the genius in this...

To order one CLICK HERE



 Let the therapy begin.







By the way, remember this:
Apollo Ten: Snoopy is to Charlie Brown
Apollo Eleven: Eagle is to What?

During Apollo Ten, Snoopy was the Lunar Lander and Charlie Brown was the Command Module.
During Apollo Eleven, Eagle was the Lunar Lander ("Eagle has landed.") and Columbia was the Command Module.

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