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Wednesday, June 23, 2021


 One Of My Very Own


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It's a sad day in Mudville. My bestest friend went home and I probably won't see him again until Christmas.



Please don't do this.

How is anybody supposed to know what that's about? Always include the image number...please.



Lake Meade has never been this low.

And somehow this catastrophic world emergency has been politicized, therefore we don't have a prayer of dealing with it effectively.


Speaking of...

We need more commercials like this...

Please watch this short clip.


During WWI, the Americans, the French, English, Germans, and Russians were all praying to the same God for victory. Think of that for just a moment. And God picked the side with the better equipment and superior battle plan.


I've always been fascinated by the "Rules of War".

During Revolutionary War, they would stand straight up in a line and all shoot at once. In the Civil War, they charged canons over open ground. In WWI they charged over the open ground while machine guns fired thousands of rounds a minute.

And it wasn't until recently that the troops were permitted to seek cover from incoming fire.

My friend, a colonel in the Army, once said that if you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics suck.


My daughter moved into a brand new neighborhood. Recently all the street signs were stolen.

I assumed that the streets had cute names making them attractive, but come to find out the signs were stolen just because they were easy to steal. They were all decorative wood and could be removed with a screwdriver.


If you hardcore Republicans must be embarrassed by that moron then SAY SOMETHING!


I laid a brick patio at a home I used to own. One day one of the bricks had sunk down about an inch. When I tapped on it with my foot it dropped about 18". I kept tapping bricks down into a cavern about the size of a car trunk.

It was a gopher rat's den stuffed with my dog's food. I found the poisoned corpse and it was about as big as a large cat.


Every auto insurance company advertises that if you change to their company you will save, say, $700.

So, my idea is to keep changing insurance companies every week or so.

After a while, your premium will reach zero and after that, they will have to start giving you money every month.

Need proof? Most corporations give to both candidates in the same race. No matter who wins they will have control over the victor.


During the latest major horse races, I kept hearing about horse farms.

I always thought a place that raises horses would be called a ranch. So I looked up the meanings.

Farm: an area of land and its buildings used for growing crops and rearing animals.

Ranch: a large farm where cattle or other animals are bred and raised.

I still would prefer ranch.


It can't be 'Luck be in the air tonight'. 

Can you tell why?








The "I"s have been exposed but it didn't appear in the blanks for air.


It's a design on a paper cup!


I know I harp on this a lot, but that is a classic example of the importance of the writer.

It sort of reminded me of the series "Lost". I knew they didn't have time to answer all my questions so what did the writer do? He just ignored all the questions and gaping holes in the plot.


*It's called buying friendships in a troubled region.


I watched about five planes make a huge banner like that. Each plane would let out a white puff of smoke forming the letters. On the day I watched, they were advertising their own services.




The sexual innuendo of the phrase "Slipping in the poll" can no longer be ignored.



I haven't a clue.


The World's Oldest Serial Killer

Serbian Ana di Pištonja poisoned between 50 and 150 people. She was 90 years old when finally arrested.



I didn't believe that so I looked it up:

Cockroach milk is a protein-rich, crystallized substance produced by a specific type of cockroach called Diploptera punctata. This species is unique because it gives birth to live offspring. Members make “milk” in the form of protein crystals to serve as food for their developing young.


Baby's first psychedelic experience.

More like sensory overload.


How very clever.


Can we assume there is a cat up amongst the motor?


Kapok Tree

Reminded me of this...

That Kapok tree is home to a slew of bees.


Solar Parhelion in Sweden

My primary advisor saw one of those and was deeply impressed.


I guess.


"We have two giant rats fighting on aisle three. What do we do?"

"Quick! Get the camera!"


The big black one is named Lisa and she was worried about her baby brother climbing the stairs.


But to be fair cats have been known to do something similar.

But if the truth is told, the cats are not protecting the human - it is just fucking with the human.


*I find the Walmart size comparison odd.


I'm reminded of my wife's neverending war with our squirrels.


I read that when they get together they stick using the same principle as Velcro.



It is impossible to say "I wasn't talking to you" politely.



That man read a script that described that and said, "Yeah, I can do that."




He's said to have a huge schlong.


His alien role in Men in Black was perfect. I think he should have won an Oscar for it.


I still consider Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago the most beautiful woman to have ever taken a breath. I even named my firstborn after her. And boy was he pissed.

Just kidding, but honestly, that was as close to a perfect movie as has ever been produced.


Sometimes silly is funny and other times silly is just silly.


Congratulations David I'm sure your mother is proud of you.


Queen with the "Queen"


"I'm having a really good day except for newpussycat."

"What's newpussycat?"

"Whoaaaaa whoaaaa oooooohhh."


Can you identify this Ship of Fools actress?

It was her very last role.

Here she is in another role...

Vivien Leigh of course.



How strict is the 'I licked it, it's mine' policy? There are some things I've licked that I don't want.



An avid Folio Olian has been sending more of his work:

"I thought one of your old posts would be funny with an addition. "

Willem Dafoe?


"One of Your old posts looked like the man was holding a mobile phone so I made certain." 

But what about that dog?!


I vowed to never again post dominos collapsing but this is a horse of a whole nother color. 

It did that loop thing I like...


My friend, Jeff Grantz, played four years at second base for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

But amazingly he never missed a game and...AND HE NEVER COMMITTED AN ERROR!

And simultaneously he played quarterback for the football team...the squad that beat Clemson 3 out of 4 years.


Cool trick but I want to see how they got those logs into that closed trailer.


Lived by a matter of inches.


I watched a documentary on boredom on the job. They found out that every day an average of two brand new cars was dropped off the forklift loading them on train cars. They found out it was due to sheer boredom. They changed the schedule so forklift operators only worked four-hour shifts then moved on to other duties. The dropped cars stopped.


I posted this years ago and was quite impressed.

But I just assumed that it was about as big as the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey

But no, it sits on a table!

And had I made it the motor would be secreted away to add to the mystery.












Find Three Differences



You can't imagine how many times on a mural site that I had my beer in a large to-go cup with a lid and straw.


ponder said...

Wrt "Please don't do this." the radiation exposure comment could relate to the milk cans (No number, bottom of post) or the house built between the rock outcrops (B5).

Anonymous said...

I thought I did leave the number, but now I see that I did it wrong. I enclosed it in angle brackets, which are html signifiers. I was referring to the house between the rocks. My bad.

Anonymous said...

A11: that could have been a toss-up puzzle. Those types of puzzles the contestant does not guess a letter. The letters are displayed one at a time until a contestant guesses correctly.

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