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Monday, September 13, 2021

MONDAY #4646

One Of My Very Own






It has been a sad weekend in Mudville. My Cubs have simply forgotten how to play baseball. Clemson lost to Georgia. My Gamecocks almost lost to a tiny teacher training school with so few students that every single one of them and a janitor have to don a uniform to field a complete team. 

But then my Green Bay Packers only scored one point every 20 minutes of playing time and got chewed up by a New Orleans team without Drew Brees by a score of 3 to 38.

Pray for me.




Tennis is just two people saying "No, you" with a ball.




*Viewer Contribution




The day the Earth stood still, Otto Piene






Art by Moebius

I'm not really into fantasy art but there is a lot to look at in that one.


I was appointed to make afternoon announcements at my school. I used my best radio voice and never, ever played it straight. The teachers told me that for the first time the students would get very quiet when I came on and listened to every word awaiting the gags.


This Floating Pod Converts Seawater To Drinking Water

"WaterPod operates as a self-cleaning solar desalination system that absorbs seawater via underwater wicks, inspired by mangrove trees, which then passes through a condensation and evaporation process to remove the salt particles from the seawater. Just like mangrove trees, WaterPod’s underwater wicks fill the pod with seawater until its water levels reach the pod’s black fabric dome. Inside the dome, seawater undergoes evaporation as water vapors gradually flow from the transparent covering and collect in WaterPod’s storage compartment. Then, users can pump drinking water from the storage compartment’s recess. While the desalination process takes place, the WaterPod remains similarly floating atop the water to a conventional buoy. WaterPod’s top lid is filled with expanded polyurethane foam for thermal insulation and flotation enhancement while a cement base offers buoyancy stability."





Never understood the concept of the gift card. For the same 50 bucks, you could’ve just given me 50 bucks.



*It might have been a conscious choice because NOBODY wanted to go to a hospital.


Is it possible that the photographer managed to get both wingtips exactly on the frame of the door? I think not.


If it's real it could break your wrist.


Does he think he fooling anybody?


That couldn't possibly be real...is it?


Believe it or not, I've actually seen a bike like this being ridden.


Do you really think the panda is being fooled by that?



*Is it time to retire the old girl?


A truck carrying an enormous wind turbine blade stuck on tracks with a train coming

With cargo like that wouldn't it be prudent for the drivers to know every train schedule in real-time? It couldn't be that hard to do.



Question: Does a set-up like that decrease the MPGs? I would think so.


In the animal kingdom this is known as presenting.


What is that last woman holding? A tooth?


Are those supposed to be breasts?



My wife said there’s a lack of passion in our relationship but I don’t think that’s true because she was screaming pretty loud when she said it.





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How Tardigrades Walk



Toucan with a drinking problem...


A seal tries to make friends with a land seal...


Soon-to-be sworn enemies play...


This seal has had enough of humans' shit...


Ida almost claims another victim...

The guy went out in the storm to put straps on the tree.


During Hurricane Hugo, there were 100mph winds in Columbia a hundred miles from the coast. Six very large pine trees in my yard just snapped just like these.

Each one sounded like a large cannon going off.


Speaking of...

Giant Groundsels, Prehistoric Plants found on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.


When your drunken neighbors drop by...

It occurs to me that animals fight to preserve their territory, or get a mate, or to get a meal, but humans will fight over just about anything.



He didn't survive because he took a sheep dewormer, he survived because he's vaccinated. He's misleading his sheep and leading them to slaughter. 



*Verification Required







I don't really like pictures like this.

It's just too...I don't know...plastic. I like pictures of beautiful everyday women doing something wholesome like playing with dogs.



Here's one of my less-than-stellar labors. It depicts an old hotel that they wanted to remember.

I even cut out every single part of the railing and mounted them to the wall.

This is the guy who owned the hotel for half a century.

Now that I think about it I think one reason I don't like that mural is that it was 105 degrees and a fume spewing logging truck drove mere feet away from me about every two minutes. It was miserable.



Anonymous said...

A9: look closely. You don't need 12 cartons you need three.

Anonymous said...

B16: Yes!

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