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Thursday, August 11, 2022


One Of My Very Own





The internet is having a lot of fun with the FBI having to go get the public records Trump wouldn't voluntarily turn over.






And his cultists keep writing the checks.



*And have you noticed that he NEVER identifies those "People"? 




And then the cost savings of paying foreign workers next to nothing IS NOT passed on to the consumer. 

 The principal at the school where I taught showed me the evidence from years of every kind of testing that not only are other regions of the US smarter than the South but even our smartest are not as smart as theirs.


Now Europe is burning.

We are living through the greatest fuck around and find out in human history. The head of the UN pleads with the leaders of the world to "work together to solve climate change or commit suicide together". I fear we are going to let the anti-science morons keep us from doing anything. We let them keep us from taking adequate measures to mitigate covid and ONE MILLION of us died - 400K NEEDLESSLY.

And just like them ignoring the importance of masks, social distancing, and vaccines during covid, these pathetic anti-science fools won't accept an ounce of responsibility for ignoring the looming climate catastrophe.

But mark my words, their grandchildren won't be able to ignore it and they will ask what you did to try and avert the misery they will be forced to endure every day.

*On a related subject that I added later:

My wife just told me "Thank God we didn't have the internet when we were eradicating smallpox and polio.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the link between politics and health became glaringly obvious. Democrat-leaning “blue” states were more likely to enact mask requirements and vaccine and social distancing mandates. Republican-leaning “red” states were much more resistant to health measures. The consequences of those differences emerged by the end of 2020 when rates of hospitalization and death from COVID rose in conservative counties and dropped in liberal ones. That divergence continued through 2021 when vaccines became widely available. And although the highly transmissible Omicron variant narrowed the gap in infection rates, hospitalization and death rates, which are dramatically reduced by vaccines, remain higher in Republican-leaning parts of the country.





If you watch Friday the 13th backward it's a beautiful story about a man who brings people back to life with his machete.


I think somebody ought to name male birth control "SonBlock".



How the fuck could anything survive that?


The horse that saves his family...


Glass squid changes color instantly.


Actually, this tiny piece of trash is likely something left over from Perseverance's parachute, descent stage, or even the back shell, which all worked in tandem to bring the rover safely to the surface of Mars back in 2021. 

It was balled up by being blown across the surface.

The article ends with this: 

"In a hundred years or so, Martians will be eagerly collecting up all this stuff and either putting it on display in museums or making it into "historical jewelry", like we do with fossils, amber, and meteorites."


Read this carefully.



This is much harder than it looks.

Did you notice the big no-no?

That will allow moisture to get behind the brick.



We've all had days like that.


This is the artificial womb that successfully grew lamb fetuses and could help prematurely born babies




A quail hatching


Nice try, NASA.



I want to make some strangers on the Internet unreasonably mad today but first I need to put my cast-iron skillet in the dishwasher.


Think global warming.


Libraries aren't just a place to obtain books for free. They are one of the few public places left in our society where you're allowed to exist without the expectation of spending money.




He has probably fed them.



She was having nun of that!

An asexual woman teaching others about sexuality. 

Go fucking figure.


I would have thought they would have had a protective cage around the propellers like a room fan.


Every little bit helps - I assume.


That reminds me of erecting a 40' stack of scaffolding by myself.


Skydiving Anxiety

In one of my science classes at the university, I learned about peak anxiety. They wired various subjects up to all kinds of monitors to test their stress levels and as one would expect the greatest stress for a novice or first-time skydiver was the moment he found him/herself standing at the door of the airplane. But for experienced divers, the highest level was when he woke up and saw that the weather was such that the jump was on.


Diana Rigg and Anthony Hopkins, 1972

They look like two people who know what each other's asshole looks like.


Pickup stalled in the lane. 

Semi had just over 12 secs of open clear view before impact and never touched the brakes. Traveling at 65 mph for 12 sec means a distance of .35 miles was traveled by the semi with no action to change lanes or stop.

Let's take another look at this because I forgot the ending...


25 yo pizza delivery man runs into a burning house and saves four children who tell him another kid is in the house. He goes back in, finds the girl, jumps out a window with her, and carries her to a cop who captures the moment on his bodycam.



I wore a red polo shirt to Target and they let me in the back to pet the creature that lays the Target balls.


Villain origin stories are so funny. Like, oh, I accidentally got lizard genes in me. I guess I should get a hoverboard and fly around throwing bombs at people and screeching. My name is Green Goblin now. It's the next logical step.



Answers at the end.















1  It’s an essential oil diffuser, with a tea light at the bottom.

2 It’s a personal sauna.

3  It’s a snuffer. A visitor to your house would use it to put out their torch.

4  A friend of mine who had a stroke has one of these. It holds the meat while he cuts since he doesn’t have very good use of his left hand. It is often used by handicapped people.

5 it’s for drying wet umbrellas

6  It’s a Yale tubular emergency key for tubular locks.

7 It’s to help put a compression hose on a source, we have one at work.

8  It’s a magnetic bottle holder strap.

9  It’s a clock specifically called Mengenlehreuhr or “set theory clock” in German.

10  It’s a dock bumper that mounts to the water’s edge and stops boats from getting scraped against the edge of the dock.

11 It’s a bench for a mudroom to sit on while putting on one’s shoes. Storage areas are underneath for shoes and larger items.

12  It’s a caretaker’s feeding spoon. Looks a bit large for a baby, but would be a good size for helping feed an elderly or bedridden person.

13 They’re corner dust guards. They make it easier to sweep dust out of the corners.





Let's do a thought experiment. Imagine that the Bible had not been written. Instead, modern-day prophets walked around and told you the exact stories that are in the Bible claiming, of course, that every word they spoke was divinely inspired. Would you believe them?

Of course not. They wouldn't get past the story of Adam and Eve before you would point out dozens of plot holes that just didn't make sense.


"I'm okay. My face broke my fall."


As I understand it, men can't do that because of their upper body mass.


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