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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is the nuclear missile I maintained during my sojourn in the military. With one airplane, we (and they) could blow a whole squadron of bombers out of the air with just one shot. So why wage war?

And don't forget, the warriors we send into war are the same boys we knew at home...
only juxtaposed into extraordinary circumstance...

These are the guys with beards. Do you know what that means?
It means they work behind enemy lines and are allowed to have facial hair so that they blend in with the home boys. Would you like to try that?

It used to be that snipers were shunned because they were "immune" to face to face combat. Yeah, right. Now they are the most valuable asset on the battlefield.

The South Koreans just rescued one of their crews from those Somali pirate gangs.
They killed most of them, all hostages freed....Bravo young warriors.

This has got to be the most embarrassing thing in US history.
This motherfucker needs to be dead....NOW!

This is warfare of the future. No pilot, but lots and lots of optics.
Interestingly, one of the drone controllers is being prosecuted for a mistaken strike.
Think about that. A guy sits at a console in Omaha and hits a button and HE'S DEFENDING HIMSELF IN A COURT OF LAW.



I found this Medieval print months ago. Note the caption:
"Stoning Jews in Lent - A Custom"


Now read this....


(NOTE: There is a glaring anatomical error in the painting above. Can you find it?)

I understand America's paranoia concerning dope. I don't agree with it, but I understand it.
But when it comes to hemp, it's like we all woke up one morning and collectively said, "Hey, today why don't we do something real stupid". Hemp is a GREAT plant, capable of doing more wonderful things than most people realize. But, I assume, because it looks like it's cousin the dreaded marijuana plant, it is banned in America. It's an outrage.

Many years ago I was directing dozens of people in the painting of a mural in downtown Columbia. It was a one day effort and as you can imagine I was extremely busy. At one point an old woman came up to me and asked if she could take some pictures and I, tersely, told her I was very busy and that she could do whatever she wanted to do as long as she left me alone.
Well, several months after that I found myself lying in a hospital bed awaiting the visit from my doctor prior to an operation. I was watching the Today Show and all of the sudden a photo of my mural filled the screen. Come to find out, that old lady was Eve Arnold, one of the most famous photographers in the world. And she had included my mural in her latest book.

Meeting famous people is kind of cool. Many years ago a friend of mine called to ask me if my wife and I would like to go to the Comedy Club with he and his wife, who had gone to high school with Jay Leno, the featured comic at the club. Following his show we asked him to come to my house since we had to let the baby sitter go home. He agreed and we talked and laughed until 4 am.

I was once allowed on Air Force Two, the vice-president's plane. It had been George Bush's (the first) Air Force One before it was replaced.

I was asked if I would like to sit in Bush's chair and while seated my host told me to look at the repaired small holes in the mahogany paneling beside the desk. It seems the first time George was on the airplane he was drinking a beer and had no place to put it other than on top of the desk. So he requested and was provided a beer can holder just like he had on his boat.

Remember that painting with the error?


One of my very own...


If you have a son who is still undecided about whether he wants to attend college, just show him these photographs.


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