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Friday, February 4, 2011

No posts on weekends

Let's make fun of foreigners...

This is an ancient vampire killing kit being sold at Christie's Auction
Good luck with all that.

At a mass "Moonie" wedding...

It's sort of like a wet T-shirt contest...only different...

When I first saw this photo I was hoping that this was some bomb sniffing monkey or some such shit, but alas, he's just a pet....and ugly pet...but a pet nevertheless.


Can you imagine the look on the OSHA inspector's face if he happened upon these workplaces?
Could you spot the new guy on the crew?

Those zany Indians....


One of my very own that just happens to segue perfectly..


This is a 86 year old woman who is wearing one of her girdles while robbing a McDonald's.

Three new Jesus sightings here in the good old USA...

Americans love to play with computers.
Can you figure what this compilation is saying?
Highlight between brackets if you gave up.

With all the billions of images, it's rather easy to come upon optical illusions like this one...

This came out one day under the heading of "The Worst Parents in the World"...
Within 24 hours the internet had spoofed it a thousand times...

I found this interesting. It was sent to me....thinking that I was one of these men. I am not. However the guy on the left of the photo looks exactly like my dad.
I remember he and I sitting down at a bar...he with a long white beard and long white hair and me with a long brown beard and long brown hair and the bartender ALWAYS asked, "Are ya'll kin?"
I always said, "He's my son...the sickly one."
Now I look pretty much just like him.
I took my little convertible to the old garage up on the corner from my house (R.J.'s) and left it with a For Sale sign on it. As I was appoaching the building to tell R.J., a real redneck was attempting to paint the building. His phone rang and he screamed, "How am I supposed to get any work done if my phone keeps ringing?"
I said, "Why don't you turn it off?"
He squinted at me and said, "Why don't you mind your own damn business."
Good advice that.
Every once in a while America drops the ball...big time.
Here's one example.

The next time you hear the term "Homeless Vietnam Vet" think of this photo. We (you and I) sent them off to a strange country, we drove them insane, then we just forgot about them.

One of my very own....


Let's do asses again...I like asses....

(And thanks to all you "real" fans who help me out finding images to use on Folio Olio)

Seriously, I'm thinking of posting my real email on Folio Olio so more people can feed me stuff to use on the blog. Anybody got any comments about whether this is a good idea or a bad idea?

My wife came home last night and told me that a friend of ours asked her where I was going to watch the Super Bowl so he could call me up when his favorite team, the Steelers won the game. I immediately zipped off this email.

Dear sir,
I just had a very interesting conversation with my wife concerning a conversation she had with you today. Let me put my response this way.

I don't know where I will be during the Super Bowl, but I know where my fucking $100 bill will be....that's the $100 bill I will wager you straight up that my Packers beat your Steelers. I will leave it with any of our mutual friends anytime, any day to match your own $100 bill so I know where to collect my winnings on Monday!

The motherfucker who once lived next door to Bart Fucking Starr....oh, yeah.

The bet has been made, folks, so I need your karma...or as a friend of mine coined...you need to Karmalize me another Packer victory.

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Anonymous said...

I think your email link would be great. I run across photos that I think you would like, but no where to send them.-Margaret

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