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Monday, February 28, 2011


This is what happened in Greece when they tried to take away the people's "entitlements".
I heard one of the protesters in Wisconsin talk about the government's decision to cut funds to public transportation. She said it was "criminal".
Why can't people understand that we have run out of money?

So, what scares Maumaar?
Very clever that.

The rich have rigged the game, we know it, they know it, we know they know we know it, and yet we do nothing....

[  It's what you see after the Klan throws you down a well ]

Clever anti-smoking ad...

I have seen this face in countless Godzilla movies...

Any ideas? Any?!?! I'm waiting....

Oh, the irony...

If you really, really need a god,
why not pick one like this?
I mean, this bitch is cool as shit.

Another Oh Shit Moment brought to by
Scott Bathroom Tissue.

I showed these photos to my wife and asked her what she had in common with these women.
 She didn't know, so I told here they were the same age as she was, then I asked, "What's up with that?!?"
I mean...Damn!

Sorry about the poor quality of this, but it is a collection of the worse lines in literature.

Famous athletes and their look-alikes...

A most dedicated graffiti artist...


I predict that all you people who live 50 miles from your workplace will soon regret it very much...


With scenery like that, he sits on the porch and stares at his plastic buckets.
 Chop my own wood, wash my own clothes, cook my own food....I don't think so.

The tattoo of the day...

What happens when you don't hug your kid enough...

Speaking of dicks...???????????

The John Holmes bat...


Those bastards!

One of my very own...

Women who don't even look like sluts,
so of course they aren't...

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