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Thursday, March 31, 2011


 Shit, man, I'm moving to Russia.
(on second thought, maybe most of them are just obese)

With the average size in Japan at an A, this girl must be a fucking goddess....

 So...ah....how's that special little darling of yours doing?

Shit you may have missed on the internet....

A young man named Billy turned me on to Johnny. I don't think I've ever thanked him.

You see anything.....odd about this photo?
 You know the drill... [ HIS LEFT HAND ]

I would love to send my second grader to school with this for show and tell....

This motherfucker has TWO jaws!

Contrary to what you may believe, this eagle is not drunk.
He is maneuvering to make a very high speed dive.

Vegetarian food for a carnivore....Brilliant!

Shit, why aren't we dropping bombs here? Oh, I forgot. They have no oil.

Plus, in the case above, I would suggest that it is because those women were black. Why do we continue our insane "War" on drugs? Same reason. The people in power are white and the "criminals" are black.

Making something hard out of something too, too easy...

I had the opportunity to paint a mural about the treaty signed between the British and the Cherokee Nation. While doing my research I was shown what remained of the original Cherokee trail; the interstate highway between the Cherokee's base in North Carolina and the coast. Over the years, millions of feet had tamped the trail down a good four or five feet below ground level.

When I entered my first nuclear weapons facility, I discovered that all the technician had huge handlebar mustaches, and just like the cartoon below, I was instructed that I would grow one myself. I've had one ever since.

I bought this print at the exact same booth on the Left Bank pictured in the print....where's your god now?

This woman's "crime" is being a widow with no male relatives...

Can you image the chinese little girls who make these things talking about them during lunch?

You know what a clock nut I am...This one is GREAT!

I want their job...

In my opinion, the sexiest scene in filmdom...

Sign that you are not supposed to laugh at...
 (if you didn't smile, you might want to read it again)

(read it again)

One of my very own...

A picture of an almost naked woman taken by a naked woman....something you don't see everyday. 

And lastly...


Margaret said...

While in Bahrain 4 years ago, I saw many widows on the street shrouded in black from head to toe. they looked like a large pile of cloth. Not allowed to beg (but will take money if it is laid in front of them or tucked under something close to them) or to mix in with society, speak in public, etc. They were there...in the same spot...from early morning straight through the evening when I would pass again. I can only assume they were there all day and night as they have no home, no family, and cannot return to their maiden family... that was given up to be a part of her husbands family...they paid for her with dowry (typically), so her family has no connection. Many of these women are elderly and it is one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed.

The Boy said...

interesting about the boy genius near the top of the page. but i just want to know something. if professors are jumping for joy and pushing for this kid to have a phd research role, thats special. but to that, this child is "smart" by standard academia terms. not taking away from his ability to learn, which is a wonderful thing, but you would never see teachers and professors rushing to show off the brightest young minds of art, dance, music, and so on. it goes back to this constant emphasis we place in classical learning, and while this young boy has an extraordinary gift, its in something that to me has become so blah blah blah. i want to see more people not only harness the abilities of young people like this bpy, but the young people who excel in the field of arts, music, dance, and other artistic expressions. why do we judge how smart people are by what kind of mathematical or scientific knowledge they have. just look up gillian lynne and read about her time in school and what she went on to do despite her professors saying she was not attune to learning what they deemed to be actual knowledge.

Anonymous said...

waiting for next post

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