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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm watching a 1994 movie on Netflix titled "No Escape" starting Ray Liotta. It's about a maximum security prison in 2022. When Ray gets there the warden calls him into his office to discuss his crime, and says, "Court Martial. 2011. Benghazi, Libya. You walked straight up to your commanding officer, put you gun to his head and blew his brains out."



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Also strange, according to a US Congressman quoted in the Guardian:

"On November 2, 2010 France and Great Britain signed a mutual defence treaty , which included joint participation in "Southern Mistral" (www.southern-mistral.cdaoa.fr), a series of war games outlined in the bilateral agreement. Southern Mistral involved a long-range conventional air attack, called Southern Storm, against a dictatorship in a fictitious southern country called Southland. The joint military air strike was authorised by a pretend United Nations Security Council Resolution. The "Composite Air Operations" were planned for the period of 21-25 March, 2011. On 20 March, 2011, the United States joined France and Great Britain in an air attack against Gaddafi's Libya, pursuant to UN Security Council resolution 1973."

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