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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Mormons have a problem with this....
 (was that a repost?)

 We look like god; the two most powerful supernatural beings in the universe are obsessed with out sexual behavior; and believers show their love with ritualized cannibalism.....seems like pure human arrogance to me.

Do you believers even read your own bible? I didn't think so. You play the old, "Pick the parts I agree with" game. Well, that's not how it was meant to be and you know it.

Read that last part again. The bible not only says you can handle deadly snakes, but also drink the most powerful poisons and if you believe in him you won't be hurt.  
Put up or shut up, motherfucker.

Something I never thought about before....
 I wonder if it's illegal in Israel where they have the power?

They are allowed to be offended by me insulting their imagery....
 But I'm not allowed to be offended by them insulting my intelligence.

 God seems like such a fuck up.
So, as I understand it, he makes helper bees called angels. Then one of them mutinies and takes about half the others with him to form an evil empire.
Then god makes the universe, including man. Then...THEN realizes that man is bored, so he creates woman, but....GET THIS!....THEY CAN'T FUCK!!!
Ah, but the only two objects forbidden to this man and woman were placed right in front of them and....AND the fucking devil was allowed into their home.
And by their doing the simple act of learning, we are damned forever. 
Does this sound like an infallible being to you?

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Jambe said...

You watched the new Die Antwoord vid? Haha!

re pigs in Israel: a friend says there ARE pigs raised in Israel although technically it's been illegal since the sixties to raise hogs "on Israeli soil". They apparently get around the law by raising them on wooden platforms and suchlike so they never actually touch the ground... RELIGION.

Also, just as an aside: pigs are much smarter than dogs (and cats).

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