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Sunday, June 17, 2012


From time to time on design and/or art sites online, people pop in something like this because.........they can.
Gentle Readers, I don't want to make you sad, or groundless, or anything else; I just want you to use your brain.....that same brain you would use if confronted with this....

Wouldn't your first question be "Prove it"? Wouldn't you want to know who wrote those "facts"? Wouldn't you logically try to lead the believers in Xenu to be suspect in claims that magic beings floated down to earth just to control humans? But what if the "proof" that their book was fact was that the book stated it was fact? Think very carefully about that, my friends.

What would you Christians tell these people?
All I ask is that you use that same logic to question your own faith.

"But what's the big deal?" I'm asked....all the time.....like being a Christian is sort of like choosing a civic club or political party.
Well, here are some reasons I find it very, very important...

Further, young people deserve better. To know the truth, you have to look for the truth. Doubt everything....prove it...then prove it again....or it is suspect.

To teach children that it (the whole fucking universe) is just magic is a disservice to humanity. I think that every child is born a scientist - curious, wondering, prodding, nosy.....then it is ground out of them over the early years. (see young monks above)
Can you imagine asking your stockbroker, doctor, architect , druggist, or computer programmer to explain the facts to you and he/she answered, "It's magic." What would you do? Nothing? Well, your world (cosmos) view should not be based on magic either.
Never in any legal case, lab experiment, scientific research, problem solving, etc, has the answer ever been "magic"....never.....ever.

Then there is the persecution of people who just so happen to live contrary to the rules of a 2000 year old culture that no longer exist.

"Well, without religion you could just do whatever you wanted and there would be no punishment."

So, now it's time for the humor....
Lastly, today I heard John Daily ask a US Senator if he believed in talking snakes. I thought it was a great question. I would have asked if he believed that women were only created because the first man was bored.
I would have added talking asses and bushes. I would love, just once, for a believer debating an opponent for the senate to state, "I believe that 600 years ago a rib woman was talked into eating an apple from a magic tree by a talking snake, therefore most of us are going to burn up for eternity, which is even longer than our sun will exist."
(and please don't tell me that the bible doesn't state that it was an apple and it doesn't state it was a snake...I know that....call it poetic license)

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