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Sunday, July 1, 2012


 (spoiler alert: it was about men hung like donkeys who came like horses)

This man invented a whole new religion a few years ago.
 People have been inventing new religions since men first became aware that they had a "self" and it should not be allowed to die.
Some just had more enthusiastic followers and they lasted longer and acquired more power.

 If you don't see the fallacy in that statement, then you might as well get the fuck off this blog.

Dear Jane, Don't expect to become a nun.

I agree with the following 100%.....

One of my very own....

How in the name of all human knowledge could a church put this on their sign? 

When was the last time you have marveled in the fact that we were born in a country where we can think whatever the fuck we want to think.
 There are a whole bunch of countries where I would have been long dead or rotting in jail for calling a talking snake a talking snake.

But, of course, we all don't agree with the old adage: Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof.

Without getting into details, the Salvation Army really helped me out one time. I owe them, but that does not make them immune.....

A little harsh this, but I would say that with enough power, believers would kill me in a heartbeat for my views.

Bullshit. This kid followed the sign instead of finding his own.....

I now offer you two quotes right off the ether.
Which do you identify with?

One of my very own....

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