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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Listened to a discussion about Rand and Atlas Shrugged.
Here are a few notes I made.

Ayn Rand – regulation breeds regulation, control breeds control.
Atlas Shrugged was written 50 years ago, now you are rereading it every day you read the newspaper.

The sanction of the victim is necessary.
If the only thing you are doing is keeping everyone alive to do nothing, then you have reached the pentacle of dystopia.
There are so many laws and regulations because they want everyone to be vulnerable.
Making people dependent does them no favors.
What happens when there is no more money to give people? What happens when the looting runs dry?
No culture that has started its slide into the abyss has ever pulled themselves back up. America may….just may, be the first.


Jambe said...

Apart from her egotistical and antisocial personal ethos, Ayn Rand was also a complete fucking nut (not in a good way). I'm extremely wary of people who claim to be Objectivists...

The "sliding into the abyss" stuff seems like generic crotchety old-guy talk from a soap opera or suchlike. Which Rand-ism inspired that thought? Nothin's like it used'ta be, woe are we, etc.

Ralph Henry said...

I stated that the post was the notes I took while listening to a discussion. She, being dead, was not in on the discussion.

Jambe said...

It was a discussion about Rand during which Rand wasn't discussed? You artists and your conceptual note-taking!

(I understand that Rand is dead, y'goob — I was curious as to what bits of "discussion" led to your taking the "culture-slide" note)

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