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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Watch a documentary about wind turbines in America, and it's not as rosy I you may think.

First of all, these things are 400 feet tall; as high as a 40 story building.

When a land owner is approached by a turbine company, the first thing he is required to do is to sign a paper so that you can’t talk to anyone about what you signed.

Aesthetics: Hundreds of these things will turn you pastural family farm into a hideous alien landscape.

Sound: Low frequency. Like a rapper’s car going past your house.

Shadow flicker on roads and in homes.

Fire and smoke from composites.

No local TV stations can get through them.

Ice that form on the blades can be hurled hundreds of yards.

Hocus-pocus financing of fed dollars and investment bankers that start depreciating investment immediately and make ALL their money without really putting up any money.

Revenue:  97% to investors, 2% to land owner (just enough to buy a new truck), 1% to town.

It’s not green energy…it’s greed energy.

Build heavy duty roads, take electricity off grid to de-ice, trim the blades, rotate toward wind vs the amount of energy put back on grid….no body knows.

They explode the lungs of bats.

Because of transmission (wires) costs, the turbines must be placed near the people who need it.

There are many people who simply can not tolerate the Wop-wop-wop of the low frequency sound combined with the constant shadow flicker.

Oh, and when the turbines have outlived their usefulness, the company just abandons them in place and they mar the landscape.....forever.


Senph42 said...

I guess this was an Ad by Shell, BP, Texan or similar Co. ... ?!
WTF Old Man, is your Blog hacked or what!?
Warm regards from a regular visitor ;)

Ralph Henry said...

I watched a documentary on Netflix. All I'm relating is what the people in the town told the filmmaker.
The sound alone would keep it off my property.

Senph42 said...

I agree with some of the "facts", but still think this whole "documentary" stinks - I mean, it's still better to use renewable energy, than invading other countries for oil...
Anyways, I apologize for the offensive style of my previous comment, I was just surprised to see such things here...

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