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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Here is my wife feeding the latest member of her staff, and it is a good thing. He is my friend.
I mention this (again) to urge all companies who possibly can to allow workers to bring their newborns to work with them, make room for them, and enjoy everything about it.
Forget about just acting like a human being, think about the loyalty you engender in your workers. Think of the positive PR you foster in your customers.
Many years ago, she let one of her saleswomen bring her baby to work. Today that baby is all grown up and putting herself through college working for my wife.
What goes around comes around, boys and girls.

Sally died....
 Here she is daydreaming about muff diving on Tam back on earth....

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The North Korea/Scotland Olympic soccer match was delayed because they were showing the South Korean flag instead of the North Korean flag in the stadium when they came out onto the field and the NK officials went fucking nuts......oops.

You know it's summertime when you have to take off your shirt to take a shit.

Churchill in a bathing suit...something you don't see everyday....

I just love it when a commencement speaker tells a crowd of people who are dressed in the exact same cap and gown that individuality is the key to success. 

I do not want this to be true....

My wife donating the bullet proof vest she bought, to her favorite policeman, Tony....
It was a pretty big deal....really.

As much as I am fascinated by fossils, I'm surprised that I don't have one. Can you buy such things?

When a friend was heading off for a five year stint in federal prison, I tried to cheer him up by suggesting that he just think of it as gladiator school.

This is a real captioned illustration from Wikipedia.....

What could possibly be the context for this?

Young Mao....
I bet his parents became proud....if they lived through all of the purges.

This reminds me of something else.
When a US warship, USS Pueblo, was captured by the North Koreans for violating their territorial waters, they demanded an apology from the captain before the crew would be released. The captain quoted the legal definition of rape while being filmed for international distribution.
The apology had phrases like: "Penetration, no matter how slight", and, well, I found it humorous.

Look, I don't give a shit how you feel about Ron Paul's hatred of the Federal Reserve, but he is in some pretty good company....

Might want to read the comment...

911 in 5...4...3...

Advice to live by....

This is so.....unusual that I can't even think of a funny comment....

Back when life was gleeful.......

I know I am going to sound like an dinosaur, but when I was growing up we had a "party line". That means that two or more households shared the line.
When the phone rang, you had to listen carefully, because if it rang two quick times, delayed, then two more quick times, that meant it was for my house. If it rang one time, then one, then one, it was for my neighbor.
It ALWAYS pissed people off when your neighbor picked up and listened to your conversation. They would be reported to other neighbors and they would be shunned.
Nowadays, we all KNOW every fucking word we say is being listened to and WE........DO........NOTHING!!!!
Because we want safety more than we want freedom.
We will live to regret this.

There was an illustrated book about prophecies of the future. Here are three uncanny images....

I love people who dare to buck the norm.
Hats off to you, Creepy Guy......

See anything....odd about this image?

I found this hilarious....

Men Problems: Sometimes men go into the bathroom and instead of lifting the seat, we try to just pee through the hole....carefully.
But then, on rare occasions, you get a double stream and then, well, you are pretty much fucked.

This would be funny if it weren't so fucking terrifying.
Okay, it's funny anyway.
Now, take a good look at this. Study it. Then gasp at the miracle that we are still alive....

So, let's make fun of it....

So this is what we've come to.....

I've never understood "I hope you burn in hell!"
I'm sure the burning part is implied.

 Smell Bitchs (sic)

You don't see a lot of hobos wearing monocles.

The color of truth is grey.
- Andre Gide

Let's drink to Amy Winehouse's one year of sobriety.

A day without sunshine is, like.....night.

Did he really say this? Fuck, I don't know. I just found the wording funny.....

If you like to make love while listening to music, always choose a live album. That way you'll get an applause every 3 or 4 minutes.

We all know that the expiration date on anything means nothing. It is bad when it tastes or smells bad.
So let's just end the charade.


It's okay to kick people's barstools out from under them as long as you yell "Jenga!" before they hit the floor.

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