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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Marvelous news. My young friend, Billy, has a job organizing houses for estate sales. So, he comes to my house today and hands me a magnificent dark brown fedora and it fits perfectly. I asked him how much I owed him and he said he stole it. So now I'm not only wearing a stolen fedora, but I'm wearing a stolen dead guy's fedora.....and hopefully, I will wear it every fucking day of my life.

I'm listening to a war novel in my truck. Two GI's are about to charge a machine gun nest and one asked, "Do you think people go to heaven?"
Then his buddy said something extraordinary...
"I believe people go to heaven, but believing ain't thinking."
I wonder if he knew how profound that statement was?

Dear Religion,
While you were debating which chicken sandwich to eat, I just landed on Mars.
Your pal,

Is this what you want taught to your children?

What's the fascination of religion with silly hats?

Kind of like that GI I mentioned above.....

I can state as a fact that I know more about the bible than the great majority of Christians I know...

Faith is the answer to all your problems...

There still may be hope...


If god said, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me," isn't he admitting he is not the only god?


There are people who have faith in this, so it must be true...

Another "Pro" argument....


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GLaVanway said...

The whole earth orbits the sun or moon orbits the earth arguments are all wrong. Einstein showed us with realitivity that everything orbits everything. There is no center, and what orbits what is only a matter of perspective. Do you find it amazing that the more we learn through science the more a text two thousand years old is shown correct, even though they had no way of knowing this type of information.

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