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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big O update

My bartender and I had a humorous discussion about "The Anarchy Olympics", where most people would, of course, die. The fencing and shooting was easy. You point the epee and take off the armor; and you shoot at one another.
We also dreamed of having a moat that the long jumpers had to clear...filled with acid.
Giving runners poison and only the first three to the finish line could grab the antidote hanging where once was the tape.
I suggested that we have the horse steeplechase combined with human runners on the same course at the same time....maybe in opposite directions.
Anyway, can you think of any?

 China has really impressed me in the Olympics. They use the same person for every event.
(that was a racist joke in case you missed it)

Gabby Douglas...the letters in her last name spells USA Gold, in case you give a shit.


That has got to be a foul....

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you....

I'm glad my wife quit drinking. I heard she spent more time on top of a bar than an Olympic gymnast.

Banksy or Banksy wantabe in London...

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