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Monday, August 6, 2012


Woke up about every hour and a half last night thinking I would get up and turn on CNN to see if the probe had landed successfully. Finely got up at 5:45 (which never happens) and got the good news. Here are some random images.

Great job, fellows!!!

On a side note...this is a photo of a family left on the moon...

First images...

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Jambe said...

I shed most of my cynicism for stuff like this. The success of the early bits of the MSL project makes me think "yay, us!" and I feel proud to be a human. This highlights the positive aspects of our species.

By the by, the technology involved in this project, from the tooling for the smallest cam to the complete spacecraft and rover, is as much a form of "art" as any mural or sculpture. It's incredible.

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