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Sunday, September 30, 2012


This would be funny if it weren't factual...

Of course it does, snowflake, of course it does....

I would further add that the story is he created the whole universe, including man, but didn't foresee that a wife would be needed. Does that sound divine to you?

I couldn't agree with this more....
Actually, I think that's the whole problem. Nobody likes to admit that they were wrong...much less fools, so they only hang out with people that hang on to the same myth.

I find it interesting that few people have noticed that the bible gives us god's precise instructions, materials to be used, measurements, etc on how to make the ark of the flood and the other ark that held the ten commandments, but when he made man there was no mention of DNA or molecules, etc. It's almost like he had never heard of them.

 But remember, the bible says that if you believe in Jesus you WILL be able to perform miracles.

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