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Sunday, January 13, 2013


I actually find this argument a little lame. Not knowing what created him is cool, but refusing to try to find out is a real indictment.

Remember, you don't need religion to teach caring for others, being nice, sharing, etc. Using the fear of burning in hell forever is a fucking copout.

Christians, when you read this next one and think it's disgusting...
...remember that it's you who commit ritualistic cannibalism every Sunday.

And to them, it's as simple as that...

Shit like this ignorant shit is 90% of their arguments...

I couldn't agree more...

I think the biggest laugh that religion plays on humanity is convincing people that god is merciful. Look around. Look at the millions and millions of starving babies and then somehow call that "all merciful".


Anonymous said...

The recent death of a 20 year old I know, who fought cancer for two years, proves that god is not one of mercy.

I was at the service. The Pastor told everyone that god had a plan, and that this young man's death was for a purpose we cannot understand.

We all cried during the service; some for different reasons than others.

Anonymous said...

Choke on jizz, you self-righteous militant atheist cunt-tumor.

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