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Sunday, February 17, 2013


People who think that Muslims are alone in their being commanded to kill have never read their bible.

When the apocalypse comes, I want Neil on my side...

Whether your religion is "organized" and mainstream or of the David Koresh ilk, I put them all on the same plane as this lady....

 I would have made the one on the left a Catholic priest.

How fucking pathetic.


Anonymous said...

The quote regarding believing or not believing there is a god is actually a paraphrase of Pascal's wager: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/pascal-wager/
Many "believers" even those who are very young, make this argument.

Jambe said...


The Wager can only justify an extremely watery deistic conception of "god" which is useless as a basis for moral behavior (if god exists but nothing can be known about it, how can its existence inform our own?).

When people cite Pascal's thinking as a justification for belief in Yahweh or Jesus, they sidestep both the thrust of the Wager itself and the moral quagmire of the written Bible.

This fact isn't much of a problem for most Christians because most of 'em haven't read much of the Bible and don't even know the historical difference between the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John, let alone that their accounts of Jesus are contradictory and inconsistent.

Ralph Henry said...

My problem with the whole "is/isn't" argument is which path leads you to the streets of gold or 47 virgins or a planet of your own, etc, etc.
Living your life according to which dictate? There are so many religions that statistically you are most likely doomed.

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