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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I'll believe it when I see it.

In honor of Elvis's birthday, I'll be spending the rest of the day eating on the toilet.

It's our right as Americans to be way too big of a pussy to post an image of the Prophet Muhammad.

Freedom of speech is now compulsory.

Instead of killing animals in shelters when they are overcrowded, they should be cooked and given to the homeless.

CLUE: Grab some chow
D O _ _ _ _

After posting that GIF about the large chain being made, my friend sent me this...
These are some of the equipment he and his world champion wife use to prepare for Highland Games competition.

I don't even drink liquor and this looks great...

I like to help other people find things by pointing out that it’s got to be around here somewhere.

I have a friend who taught art at a really bad school....
One of his classes was so bad that he just asked any students who wanted to learn to come to the front of the room and asked the students who didn't mind getting an F to go to the back of the room and try not to get too loud. 
He was, of course, reprimanded.

Got a little flack over my last post of Mother Theresa...
But think of this: She brought poor dying people into a "hospital" whose only function was to give them a comfortable place to die. Many (if not most) of these people had illnesses that could have been cured if she had just given them a little money to go to the hospital. Rather, she chose to attempt to convert them. Read up on it if you want.

 That our minds can find it so easily is amazing.

CLUE: Grab some chow

Sweden to Denmark

2000 years old tree in South Africa
 I looked at a whole photo essay of the world's oldest trees and not one picture had anything in them to give the scale; which ruined it. I found this one after the fact.

If everybody fulfilled their childhood dreams, the moon would be overpopulated by unemployed people.

Sad Fact About Cartoons: Duck bones are incredibly fragile and could never withstand a 20 ft dive into a vault of coins.

When humans began detonating nuclear weapons in the 1940s, they unleashed substances that had never before existed. What impacts would they have on public health? There were plenty of guesses, but no one knew for sure.
 One way to learn more would be to examine the baby teeth of children. Atomic testing resumed in the United States in 1951. Children normally shed their incisors at the age of 7. So if scientists studied baby teeth dropped in 1958, they might be able to trace the presence of radioactive substances. Thus began the St. Louis Baby Tooth Survey--a scientific study of radiation in baby teeth in the area of St. Louis, Missouri.
Parents were asked to send in all their children's lost front teeth and then each child was given that pin...to wear with pride.

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner in near-vertical-take-off...
Just another reason I don't fly.

The grilled cheese sandwich is the sweatpants of food.

A tree in a tree...

And not a single fuck was given...

While our favorite crazy weapons inventor Joerg Sprave made this drill-powered machine gun using cap guns, he says that you can easily use any .22 revolver because the trigger resistance is the same...

I think these are 3-D printable...
 And if they are not, they should be.

Give this a minute...

A Motix device monitors fingers and uses them as a mouse replacement. The device allows for mouse functions and more without taking hands away from a keyboard. 

One Of My Very Own...

I’m tolerant of lactose. I just don’t want it marrying my daughter.

How delightful.

Another book you may have missed...
I saw this guy on TV, but I didn't like him...he was 2 cocky. 

I almost missed the humor in this one...

The lock, which opens with a smart phone App and a touch, is smart enough to know what side of the door you are on and won't accidentally unlock the door when you are inside.

For an international spy, James Bond is pretty terrible at not revealing his identity to every single person he meets.

"Two members of the Bertram Mills Circus walk head-to-head at Hammersmith Broadway in London, 1953"

McDonalds is so successful that they have a mascot who is paid to steal their own product.

Speaking of such things...
 For my friend, Aaron, who likes such things.

There is something rather sad about that...on multiple levels. I have been told by gamers about the hand/eye coordination enhancement and the problem solving of shooting zombies in a very realistic cyber city, etc, but when you come right down to it, you are just wasting your time. Imagine if you spent that time trying to amuse others instead of yourself. What a happier world it would be. 

Want to teach thousands of people to hate you?
Try sending a drone attack on a whole wedding party to get one man.

I can't even image a man harming his wife.
But I doubly don't understand the wives that stay.

It’s important to leave people more confused than how you found them.

Marble mine?
I honestly don't know...but probably.

People are actively trying to sell this getup to your wife.
Think about that for a moment.

This is exactly how I look at them when I'm eating steak and someone tells me they are vegetarian.

More naked women doing something they normally wouldn't do...

More photography...

Can we assume this is the way to launch a seaplane from land?
So how did it get there?

My Final Word...

Sad that we dropped the ball and now our offspring will be the only Americans who aren't better off than their parents.


MacGyver said...

Perhaps the plane is taking off from a facility that converted it from landing gear to pontoons? Or from its assembly facility? (cannot see a registration number)
Don't know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I know I woke up a little dumb-ish today, (day 15 of this stupid flu) but I still don't see the humour in the dog photo. And it's not like I didn't try..I've come back to it 4 times today. TIA

Ralph Henry said...

TIA, it's just a stock photo they lifted right off the internet.

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