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Thursday, January 15, 2015



 My kind of guy.

And what does this wit have to say about the problem?


Nobody like to read the words 'leak' and 'space' in the same sentence, but it's not a leak-leak; it's a coolant leak in the air conditioning. In my day we didn't have air conditioning in our space stations.

 For you people who pray, please pray that this is true. For you people who don't pray, just wish real hard.

And this guy has a say in NASA. Oh, my.

It’s so cold down here that my wife says her hot flashes are starting to feel good.
A new study from Princeton spells bad news for American democracy—namely, that it no longer exists. Asking "[w]ho really rules?" researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page argue that over the past few decades America's political system has slowly transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy, where wealthy elites wield most power. Using data drawn from over 1,800 different policy initiatives from 1981 to 2002, the two conclude that rich, well-connected individuals on the political scene now steer the direction of the country, regardless of or even against the will of the majority of voters.
Here's the link, if interested:

I heard on TV that the average wage in Russia is less than that in India.

A bartender told me: If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about college, I’d have enough money to pay for college.

I don't need one of those...
...but I want one real bad.
Cute juxtaposition, though.

What's the largest check you've ever received?

We betcha it wasn't $974,790,317.77 - yep, nine hundred seventy four million seven hundred ninety thousand three hundred seventeen and, don't forget, 77 cents. It took two lines to write out the sum. That's the check that Oklahoma oil magnate Harold Hamm wrote to his ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall, who promptly rejected her $1 billion dollar divorce settlement because it was "not fair." Arnall claimed that Hamm is worth an estimated $18 billion; Hamm countered that his net worth had taken significant beatings in the recent sharp fall in oil prices.

Said to be true and I have no reason to doubt it...
Nobody likes to see people die.....who am I kidding? We all want these guys dead. I just wish the picture were clearer.

You know the feeling of complete helplessness when you get in line behind someone with a list at subway, and you just turn around and give your best sad puppy eyes to the person behind you.

Like most of the people my age, I’m 68.

 I was very excited until it was explained you had to make them yourself...
Think about cleaning the melted sugar off that grill. Nope.

Donna Ferguson of The Guardian has a list of 6 awful jobs, the funniest of which is the occupation of this gentleman. Philip Wells works for a dog food company. His job is to taste the final product and make sure that it's high quality. All of the food that he eats is cleared for human consumption. But that doesn't mean that it's tasty.

I can teach you how to do this...
First you kill a large hairy animal.

Living in a university town, I have noticed that under-ass is the new side-boob.

I don't understand why I'm going bald on my head, yet my ass has enough hair to weave a Navajo blanket.

It just occurred to me that teaching kids to say “uncle” when they want you to stop tickling them is really teaching them their very first safe word.

8 year old, Billy, saying a heartbreaking goodbye to his best rattie buddy.  Billy wanted this final photo of them together, before we had to have the little rat put to sleep to give him some peace from a brain tumor.  He wasn't with us for long enough, and we will miss him everyday, but this photo sums up the unconditional love of a boy for his pet, and I couldn't be prouder of how strong he was.  RIP Rizzo.

Oh, look, every single member of the country club when insane at the exact same moment...

When I can’t sleep, the 1251 on the clock looks like a ball sack seen from behind.
Maybe that's just me.

A man from Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory thought he had made a grisly find when he came across what appeared to be a severed human finger on a beach, but it turned out to be a mysterious plant instead.

Everybody likes when you combine gifs with good cropping skills.

Perfect timing...
By the way, I laid out a lot of bets on Ohio State and even got them to give me points.
Saturday I'm betting the ranch on Green Bay.

What happens when you order a new pallet...

Remember, words are weapons, but weapons are weapons, too.


If you want to learn more about auto-erotic asphyxiation, I can show you the ropes.

The Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark—the first Chinese carrier-based fighter that is designed to match and even surpass the American F/A-18E/F Super Hornet—is no longer a test prototype. This photo shows fully operative serial units on the deck of the Liaoning, People's Liberation Army Navy's aircraft carrier.

My wife is on a new diet – where she eats everything and hopes for a miracle.

 Said to be the worlds tiniest flowering tree

Stress has a useful function.  "The trees inside Biosphere 2 grew rapidly, more rapidly than they did outside of the dome, but they also fell over before reaching maturation... a lack of wind in Biosphere 2 caused a deficiency of stress wood... Without stress wood, a tree can grow quickly, but it cannot support itself fully."  (human long bones are similar)

Liam Neeson with his "wet down guy"....

How could this woman not be impressed with this cake?

"Dartmouth College has charged 64 students, many of them varsity athletes, with honor code violations following allegations of widespread cheating in a sports ethics class."

One Of My Very Own...

 (sorry about the quality)

A Punjab cab driver’s taxi broke down in 2003 and he could drive only in reverse. He made it back home in that condition, but couldn't afford to fix it. He had to acquire special permission from the state government, but he remains in business. In fact, he's remodeled his service to exploit his local fame. His taxi is decorated to reflect its uniqueness. To make it safer to drive, it has headlights on the rear and plays an ambulance siren.

Just some random space stuff...

The game Monopoly is only made by one company.

Think Rothco.

Gentle Reader sent me this and knew I would enjoy it...
"It" being the photo, not the actual object. 

Quality humor...our motto here at Folio Olio...
The entire staff at Folio Olio voted on whether to include that gif and it was voted in by a vote of 1-0.

There are ‘landings’ in between ‘flights’ of stairs.

My Final Words...

Still got 4 minutes to watch something? The something is something I agree with...


Spider Borland said...

Just adding to discussion: I think banning tips is a great idea, however, perhaps not all restaurants should adopt this measure.

The super high end restaurants would do well to increase their pay rates for a number of their employees, but there are people who have made a successful career out of being a waiter. Now, the argument could be made that they could just be paid a much larger salary, but honestly... tipping these few waiters hundreds of dollars isn't that big of a deal. I think it's the waiters at Buffalo Wild Wings (etc) that could stand to be more uniformly compensated.

Ralph Henry said...

Yeah, I heard that at some very high end resorts, the servers bid for their jobs, meaning they will make so much money from tips that they will pay the hotel to work there.
But why is it we don't tip every person who helps us. We don't tip our dental hygienist or woman who makes our Subway sandwich or the man who sweeps our sidewalk.
I'm strongly in favor of taking the onus off the public. If some people make a bundle from tips, then I suggest they are worth a larger wage to rid me of the responsibility.

Spider Borland said...

The video explains why them and not others, in my opinion, but sure. It's an antiquated system. Honestly, we could easily move forward with a system where we didn't tip by restaurants stepping up and taking initiative. It'd be a slow process.

There's little motivation for them to do that, though. This is an expense that restaurant's don't have to deal with. Why pay this portion of the staff when we already do?

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