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Monday, August 10, 2015

MONDAY #2428

One Of My Very Own…
 Let's try that again...

This guy found a key packet and laid it out to photograph it. I think he was confused.

Folio Olio is quickly approaching its 1,000,000th page view. Anybody got any idea how I should mark the milestone?

I don't want to come across as an asshole, but I recommend movies to you guys all the time. What's so fucking hard about you guys dropping me a recommendation from time to time? I need help here.

I'm confused. I've always heard that the reason spinal cord injuries can't be fixed is that you can't rejoin nerves or some such shit. So how did they join this kid's nerves to the hands'?


^ Westerdok Disctrict, Amsterdam, seen from above.

^  Chester Rows consist of covered walkways at the first floor behind which are entrances to shops and other premises. At street level is another set of shops and other premises, many of which are entered by going down a few steps. The Rows, found in each of the four main streets of the city of Chester, Cheshire, England, are unique; nothing precisely similar exists anywhere else in the world.

^ I have no information on this roof structure, but I think those are flat stones. Ought to last until the first earthquake tremor. 

 You've seen this before, but I really liked the title for these.
 ^ Life after people (with tourists)

^ Sudanese pyramids

I appreciate the guy's ingenuity, but why wouldn't he just lay on the floor?


Guy pressure washed an entire Dr. Seuss book onto this sidewalk.
 And with very good penmanship I might add.

Got a comment about the two puppies pulling the guy on the raft.

"I use my pooch Jezebel who is a great Pyrenees/golden retriever mix as a personal trolling motor...... and its fantastic."


The false-positive rate is 99%. Public reaction to them bleeds from disinterest to violent hostility. They don't reduce the likelihood of your car being stolen, and are easily circumvented. Car alarms deemed useless: so why do they still exist?


Our robot overlords will excel at ping-pong


After years of research, 47° 51' 57.5" N, 123° 52' 13.3" W is declared America's "quietest" one square inch.
I think that is in Alaska.



When I first bought my daughter No More Tears shampoo I wanted to test it out so I squirted it right into my eyes and I went blind for like three days. But I didn’t cry.


After more than three centuries, scientists say they have figured out why pendulum clocks hung on the same wall tend to sync up--with one clock's pendulum swinging to the left just as the other swings right.
 The strange phenomenon was first observed in 1665 by Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), according to LiveScience. No matter how the clocks started, the Dutch scientist noticed that within about 30 minutes their pendulums wound up swinging in precisely opposite directions.
Sound waves generated by the movement of one pendulum travel through the wall to perturb the movement of the other until the pendulums are moving in opposition.

My mother used to be in a silly band that played at charity events. She was the only one to play a real instrument...a harmonica. That wash tub bass was in the band.
It was during one of her "gigs" that she met Werner Von Braun and got his autograph for me.

This man has an obsession. 
I just don't get it. You drive out in an air conditioned Land Rover, take out you gun with a huge scope and you pull the trigger. Just about anyone on earth could do what he did if they had his money. But he is not the reason I posted that. It's the hairs at the end of the severed elephant tail that I remember quite vividly. A very good friend of mine had a girlfriend who worked at the zoo and she collected those hairs that got snagged in the fence. These hairs she braided into a bracelet and gave it to him. It was indeed a one of a kind gift.


A couple of things I should have thought of doing but didn't...

And here is this guy's best shot on Tindle

Artist Lee John Phillips has begun to lovingly draw the over 100,000 items housed in his late grandfather's toolshed.


I'm not sure if my body can handle much more of this "getting out of bed" nonsense.

And the guy isn't even a murdering muslim.


Those steps over the small wall are called a stile. Why isn't the stile lined up with the opening in the fence?
 Cerca Trova.

 Believe it or not...
 These two things are on the exact opposite side of the earth.
 I did say believe it or not.

Arty Thing


We are all so lucky that our skin doesn’t leak very often.


Ian McKellen and Tim Curry in *Amadeus* on Broadway 1980

This homeless guy was arrested, but as is not uncommon for homeless people he was starving. The police tossed peanuts on the floor and watched him eat them like a dog.


Bilingual my ass. You're either heterlingual or homolingual. The bible says Adam and Eve; not Hebrew and Cantonese. I'm sure when you meet a nice language you will settle down.


From The Desk Of Rev. Knowsmost
And even with the vast majority of his creation burning in hell, he loves us. Wow. How does that logic work?


Joe Jackson said...

Milestones are meaningless unless there's money involved...

Anonymous said...

A million Smillion shave your beard off for the day or some shit. As for the movie recommendation thing I don't know many people who watch the same type of fucked up movies as you do so normal people's recommendations might come off as lame.
B Baggins

Ralph Henry said...

Yeah, B, you know me pretty well.

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