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Sunday, February 14, 2016


One Of My Very Own…

Not One Of My Very Own...


Chinese government has a major push afoot to get their country to eat many more potatoes.
And it all comes down to the amount of water is saved with potatoes over corn, rice or wheat.

Is there anyway that this could make sense?
Yes! Here is a very short, very funny clip that explains it all.

This is now floating around the interweb.

Look what I learned from the cover of a tabloid at the grocery store.

By the way, I posted the odd time zones in Australia’s
Time zones, and someone sent me the explanation. Each Ozzie state determines whether to implement DST. Only the two southern states to the east implement DST while the others don't. In autumn & winter they share the same time zone as the northern states.


A newly released government survey indicates that the only astronaut Americans can remember from the last decade is Lisa Nowak who, in 2007, drove cross-country in a diaper because she was mad.

Sinbad isn’t just a comedian’s name - it’s also an extremely short summary of The Bible.



And yet to deny all the evidence that prayer doesn't work...at all. Just ask yourself, why has god never answered the prayers of a single amputee?

And if prayers really did work, this would be happening all over the world...


Frank Zappa: "The only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they own."


No, science has proven that the shroud was faked in the Middle Ages.

 I know it makes you feel all warm and cozy...
 But I know what mass hysteria is. I've seen it in action. You might want to look it up.

I find it odd that believers take the existence of thousands of worshipped gods of evidence that there truly is a god, and I see it as just the opposite. 
And it all started with this prick.
 He heard voices and acted on them. Think about that a minute.

That dark shape above the car is "proof" of the soul leaving the body.

Sounds rather desperate, doesn't it? 

These are all the places where the Virgin Mary have been seen.
Sorry for the quality, but if you need any more proof of mass hysteria, you might want to read this National Geographic article. 

 Think that's an exaggeration? Check out this partial list:

You trust these people to explain the whole universe?
 Good luck with that.

Of all the voodoo bullshit that is religion, Catholics must be at the top of the heap of things that need debullshitifying.

The notion that a man can send you to hell goes against every instinct in your body, yet your indoctrination trumps. It saddens me. 

Houses of worship are destroyed by storms, lightning, floods, landslides, etc, at the EXACT percentage as brothels or opium dens or crack houses.

You have been given such an adventure. Excitement. Choices. Endless possibilities. Please, Gentle Readers, don't waste it. Don't take the easiest path. Don't…settle for the comfortable. Take life as a dare. It, life, just sits there and watches what kind of person you are…every fucking day. Don't disappoint life. You only have one. Give it all you have, from how you choose to earn food and housing, to how you treat those you love or just those around you by happenstance. When you are lying there, like we all will be one day, look back on you life and smile, knowing you made mistakes, but they were not the mistakes of the easy or the lazy. Be able to yell back at life that you did everything you could to make thing as thrilling, yet better just because you were there.


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