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Saturday, February 13, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Let this help you though this post...I really like this guy...

"Well, gravitational waves give us another way to observe space. For example, waves from the Big Bang would tell us a little more about how the universe formed. Waves also form when black holes collide, supernovae explode, and massive neutron stars wobble. So detecting these waves would give us a new new insight into the cosmic events that produced them.
Finally, gravitational waves could also help physicists understand the fundamental laws of the universe. They are, in fact, a crucial part of Einstein's general theory of relativity. Finding them would prove that theory—and could also help us figure out where it goes astray. Which could lead to a more accurate, more all-encompassing model, and perhaps point the way toward a theory of everything."

I really am not an expert on this, so I present just about everything I found on the subject.

This is LIGO…

And this is how it works.

Now put the cat in the box.

Moving on…
Just saying.

Wife home.
Her mother in a nursing home near us.
I'm normal again.

NOTE: Fun With Language is my way of not having to work so hard on a weekend post. Hope you enjoy.

And now we wait. 


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