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Sunday, April 10, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


I've been at it again...big time.
First I found a jar of holy molies that I didn't know I had, and there were enough to do a whole theme with them included.

These smaller packets would include a folded blog address card, a one dollar bill with Fuck It stamped on it, and a holy moly.

The back was sealed with my new favorite label.

After all the packets were complete it was time to prepare the mouse traps.

I stamped them to if not deter, then at least delay removal.

To keep them from actually being a hazard to children or stupid adults, I drilled a hole where the bait would usually be placed.

Also I bent the wire around the trip plate so that there wasn't a way in hell it would go off.

The original plan was to include a key. I knew there must be two screws to hold the trap securely, so I figured why not let one of them have a key.

But I think you will agree, it looks a bit too busy. So the key was scrapped.

Above notice the screw head perfectly visible, cluing any thinking person that the device was inert. So I hot glued the end of a discolored sponge so that the other end covered the offending display.

And that is how the Mouse Trap Packets came into being.

The first places I positioned the traps were where many more of my packets had previously been installed. This pole is near my home so I can keep an eye on it, as it were. Notice that the bags were ripped off, but hardly anyone knows how to remove the square drive screw holding the key.

Here's another outside the parking lot next to the stadium...same place I almost lost my glasses that timE.

This one is likewise near my home.
You can barely see all the screws on that one...sorry.

For whatever reason, the mouse traps have remained unmolested for a couple of weeks. I will keep you informed of their longevity.


I have more plastic bags than a drug dealer and I can't abide wasting them.

And due to my compulsion to save each one that comes into my possession, I have a plethora of one dollar bills.

This time I stamped the Fuck It on the back of the blog address.

And since I needed 50 mailers, this pack of cards was perfect.
And they are not just any old deck of cards. An old guy I know gave them to me...and they are marked. Marked like cheating marked. That this trusted man had the cards didn't disturb me, that they were worn out from use gave me pause.

So, combining all the ingredients, I was ready for phase two.

I tried to leave the bills like I found them as sort of a way to let anyone who came into contact know they were not fake.

Then I used two pieces of clear packing tape to join the packet to the shipping label.

The address is the same, except there is one for every state capital in the country.
Of course there is no such person living at that imaginary street, so they will all be returned to me.

I purchased labels like this so I could attach a key to the hole.

 I even bought special rivets for that purpose.

I thought it had a nice clean look to it...

Then the guy at the post office told me that with the key it would have to be hand stamped and required special treatment and it would be $2.53 each. I 86'ed the key.

How many will make it all the way back to me is anybody's guess. I plan on displaying the ones that do return on a device like this, only bigger.
Each clothe pin will be labeled with the state and any absentees will just be left empty.

We shall see what we shall see.

And to give you enough time to finish your Sunday morning crap, here's some gods who were all the rage once, but now are considered mere figments of naive people's imagination. That anyone could fall for such non-sense is now considered humorous. Imagine, people believing in such crazy ass shit.
Boggles the mind doesn't it. I think the little kids just believed the shit that their parents believed without thinking for themselves. So many deluded minds who refused to ask the necessary questions; like 'What proof have you that the volcano god requires a virgin each year?' Or, 'Have any of you people actually seen this guy?'

I think that humans have a gene or whatever that makes them yearn to know the answer to every question. And if you are the leader of a whole bunch of people, you better know the answers or those people will get someone else to lead them.

And what do you suppose when there was no known answer? What if no one could explain why the volcano erupted, or why the river flooded, or why babies died in their sleep?

Well, humans did what they always do in such circumstances...they just made shit up. That's right, they just pulled some weird ass shit right out of their ass and said very confidently, "It was Taranis that caused that to happen because you have been evil!"

And that worked very well for the leadership, who fine tuned this deception with each passing generation. Glorious rewards were added for after you die, but only if you followed the rules.

But over time the rewards were not enough and eternal punishment was added to scare the holy (no pun intended) shit out of the flock. This punishment, of course, had to come after you die so no one could actually check to see if it's true.

Despite the knowledge that gods have been created and discarded from the dawn of time, each ensuing generation knew...actually KNEW that the latest manifestation of this need for answers was the true answerer of all life's mysteries.

But then science came along and began to chip away at the tenets of the beliefs. We know now that people don't go crazy because the devil has taken over their body, but rather they have a chemical imbalance in their brain.

And just because everything dropped falls toward the center of the Earth, that does not prove that Earth is the center of the universe.

We know that we are not bad because a rib woman was talked into eating from a magic tree by a talking snake....don't we? By now we know that Noah couldn't have fetched two kangaroos and two polar bears for his boat.

Now religion's many myths have been whittled away until really the only one left is the after death parts...the parts that can't be tested. Yet, millions believe it...because they have always believed it.

I have said before that I think religion was invented as an effective method of crowd control, but I'm not so sure now. We have mechanisms in place now...laws and such, to do that. Now I'm leaning toward mind control...a way to get everyone to think a like, i.e, I hate homosexuals and I think everyone else should also. But truthfully I can understand people's reluctance to accept homosexuality. I think most people...men and women, want their bloodlines to continue. They want to think that the genes in their body will continue into the future, and dream of the great things their descendants may do. A life without continuance is unbearable for some people. And a homosexual son or daughter simply can't fulfill that need. Remember, I said I can understand it...not approve of it.

Have a good day, Gentle Readers. Hug someone you love today. Look them in the eye, if possible, or call them on the phone and let them know you are very glad they are in your life.


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Ninja Grrrl said...

I believe that religion was created as a way to stand the inevitable pain of life without dissolving in rage. We needed some sort of framework which allowed us to believe that justice deferred would not be justice denied. And that turned out to be the perfect setup for anyone seeking the means to power.

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